Fly Mac: Nipsey Hussle Suspect Had Soundcloud for His Rap Career

Fly Mac is the name Shitty Cuz used for his SoundCloud and rapping career. Cuz, whose birth name is Eric Holder, was named a suspect in the murder of Nipsey Hussle on Monday night.

The statement by the LAPD reads,”Eric Holder is wanted for Homicide in the shooting of Nipsey Hussle. He was last seen in a 2016 white 4 door Chevy Cruze CA license plate 7RJD742. Anyone with information related to his whereabouts or this deadly shooting is urged to contact South Bureau Homicide at 323-786-5100″

Holder is known by many as Shitty Cuz, a member of the Rollin 60s Neighborhood Crips, the same gang Hussle was a part of. But he’s also known as “Fly Mac,” which is his rapper name.

Here’s what you need to know:

Fly Mac Has a SoundCloud Account Where He’s Posted Multiple Rap Tracks

The above track is one of the nine tracks that Fly Mac has uploaded onto his SoundCloud account.  Fly Mac has 189 followers on his SoundCloud account. A section of his page reads, “for bookings and to submit beats email@ [email redacted] -Instagram@ FLY_MAC60 ….plenty n*ggas hate cuz I’m da great…
im a westcoast artist…..”

There are nine tracks in total on his SoundCloud page. The oldest track, titled, “I’m the Mac,” was uploaded in 2015, and the most recent track, “Bounce to this,” was uploaded in 2018.

Fly Mac is the name that Eric Holder uses on all of his social media accounts: namely, his Facebook, Instagram, and SoundCloud accounts. It also appears that he had a YouTube channel at one point, though the videos have since been taken off of the channel.

Per his SoundCloud account, it doesn’t appear that Fly Mac has ever released a full album.

On Instagram, Fly Mac’s Handle Is “ima_god_in_da_streetz.”

Though a number of parody and fake accounts have been posted under some moniker of “Shitty Cuz” since word of his accused involvement with the Hussle murder let out, the account above is the real Shitty Cuz account. Multiple Twitter users have claimed that Cuz posted videos of himself driving around in the same car the LAPD now is asking the public to help find. One user tweeted, “How the got ‘all hands on deck’ looking for ?!? The dude posting all his whereabouts on his IG story in his Chevy…he riding thru the city  

On his account, Shitty Cuz has one highlight story titled “I’m so hood”, which holds this photograph:


Here’s a video of Fly Mac performing, as posted to his Instagram on March 15:

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Me performing last night

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Leading up to the LAPD’s confirmation that Eric Holder was a main suspect for the murder of Hussle, there was significant confusion on Twitter about whether Hussle, Shitty Cuz, and Fly Mac were all the same person. They have since been confirmed to be the same person.

Hussle Was a Successful Rapper Whose Debut Studio Album Was Nominated for Best Rap Album at the Grammys

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It’s inevitable that many fans of Hussle will recognize the irony that the suspect in his murder was an aspiring rapper, when Hussle was a successful rapper himself. Hussle built a reputation for himself through the mixtapes he created in the years before his studio album; one such mixtape, Crenshaw, sold for $100 a pop in a limited release batch of 1,000, and Jay-Z famously bought 100 copies of the album.

Of course, Hussle wasn’t just a rapper. He was an entrepreneur, activist, real estate mogul, icon, and more.

In a 2018 interview with Billboard, following the release of Victory Lap, Hussle was asked how he imagined his legacy to play out over the course of his life. The question in particular was “What are you aiming for in terms of legacy?”

Hussle replied,

I’m an artist, right? As an artist, nothing inspires me more than to be appreciated for my art. Me being a human comes before me being an artist. I want to affect change and I want to impact the communities that I grew up in, and the ones like it, that create the type of challenges that I felt. Whether it’s inspiring people, or it’s actually having feet on the ground, or having resources made available.

I just want to impact the next 12-year-old Nip Hussle. I want to impact the young dudes and young girls and give them the gems I’ve learned on my path. I’ll let ‘em know, and confirm their little gut feelings they got. Everybody got that gut feeling, that ‘I might be special. I might have something in me.’ But then the world tells you so much of the opposite of that. I want to be one of the the voices or one of the stories that say, ‘Nah, you right.You are unbelievably powerful. You’re potential is the illest…’ I want to be one of the people that not only say that, but live that as an example. Through music, through business and through conversation,