Canton Tornado in Texas: Photos & Damage

The Texas community of Canton suffered damage from a possible “rain-wrapped tornado,” according to the National Weather Service. Pictures and videos captured the dangerous weather system. You can see them throughout this article.

The Star-Telegram reported that businesses were damaged from the tornado that struck Canton, a community located about 75 miles from Dallas. You can listen to live scanner audio from the area here.

Videos showed the damage on May 30.

“…A large, extremely dangerous tornado was confirmed on the ground near Canton at about 5 p.m.,” reported NBCDFW.

It was a frightening evening in Canton (located in Van Zandt County) and throughout a lot of Texas. Northern and central Texas has been on edge all day on Wednesday, May 29, 2019, with tornado warnings coming and going. Like a reverse lottery, people waited to see where, if anywhere, a tornado might land.

Unfortunately, it appears to have touched down in Canton. Tornadoes were spotted in Kaufman, Rockwall, and Van Zandt Counties but warnings for Dallas and Fort Worth expired earlier in the evening.

Photos emerged showing damage in Canton.

Drone video captured the weather system. You can watch it here. The Canton tornado came after tornadoes damaged communities ranging from Ohio to Kansas over the past few days. Why are there so many tornadoes right now? You can read an analysis here.

“Possible rain rapped tornado continues to move northeast of Canton, heading toward Grand Saline. Those in the path of the storm needs to seek shelter now!” the National Weather Service’s Fort Worth office wrote on the evening of May 29.

“5:17pm – We are getting many reports of debris and damage in and around Canton. Main threat is now moving the north and northeast of Canton,” NWS wrote. A few minutes before, great urgency: “5:07PM- LARGE tornado still on the ground heading toward Canton. This is an extremely dangerous situation. Everyone in Canton NEEDS TO SEEK SHELTER NOW!”

The NWS called it a “multi-vortex tornado,” writing, “5:00pm – Multi-vortex tornado is once again reported by spotters, near road 3227 just southwest of Canton. This storm will continue moving to the northeast. Everybody in the path needs to take shelter now, including the City of Canton!”

The Salvation Army EDS wrote on Twitter, “#SalvationArmy Dallas Area Command – Lewisville Canteen has deployed to Canton, Texas which was hit by a tornado this afternoon. Other Texas disaster units on standby as damage assessments are ongoing.”

The tornado warning then expanded out to Wills Point, Edgewood, and Elmo, Texas.

According to NBCDFW, a tornado watch remained in effect for these counties until 8 p.m.: “Delta, Ellis, Fannin, Henderson, Hill, Hopkins, Hunt, Kaufman, Lamar, Navarro, Rains, Rockwall and Van Zandt.”

You can see radar and updated weather information for the Dallas/Fort Worth office of the National Weather Service here. It handles Canton weather.

Referring to north and central Texas, NWS wrote, “This Afternoon and Tonight. Severe thunderstorms are ongoing across parts of North Texas, generally east of Interstate 35, this afternoon, and the threat will continue into the early evening hours. Tornadoes, damaging winds, and large hail will all be possible. In addition to the severe weather threat, heavy rainfall and flash flooding will also be possible.”

Canton has suffered the effects of damaging tornadoes before; according to the Star-Telegram, a tornado injured 54 and killed five people there in 2017. After the 2019 tornado hit, one woman posted a 2017 photo of people hiding in a bathroom during that tornado, which is still seared in many people’s memories in the area. Here’s that 2017 photo:

“canton has become a tornado magnet & i am convinced it’s time to move,” wrote another woman on Twitter.

This story is being updated as more information is learned about the Canton tornado damage.