Terrance ‘Cap’ Beasley, T.I.’s Best Friend, Killed in Prison at 40

Terrance Beasley aka Cap, T.I.’s best friend and the man once accused of peeing on Drake at a movie premiere, was killed in prison on December 4 at the age of 40.

According to a press release from the Georgia Department of Corrections, Beasley was killed at Smith State Prison in Glenville, Georgia, on December 5. He was pronounced dead at 9:10 a.m. local time. Beasley’s death is being investigated by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and Georgia Department of Corrections. Beasley’s died after an altercation with another inmate.

Beasley Was Convicted in 2001 of Shooting a Man Dead at the Man’s Grandmother’s Birthday Party

Terrance Beasley

Georgia Department of Corrections

Beasley was serving life in prison for murder in Fulton County. Beasley was convicted in 2001 but was released in 2006 on parole after his lawyers argued that he had acted in self-defense. The Atlanta-Journal Constitution reported in 1998 that Beasley was 31 years old when he was convicted of felony murder, aggravated assault and possession of a firearm during an incident at a birthday party.

Beasley killed a man named Rodriquez Hamm at Hamm’s grandmother’s birthday party. Beasley had gotten into an altercation with Hamm and another group. He left the party. Beasley said that he returned later to retrieve his cousin who was still at the party. Upon his return, Hamm was shot dead.

Beasley violated his parole when he was convicted of assault and firearm possession in 2011.

Beasley Was Returned to Prison After He Assaulted a Man While Trying Retrieve a Necklace for Killer Mike

Beasley’s assault incident occurred in September 2010 when he beat up an employee, Norris Gresham, of Echo Studios in Atlanta over a missing necklace, reported the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The necklace belonged to another rapper, Killer Mike. Gresham alleged that Beasley had thrown him down some stairs, knocking out his teeth. At the time, T.I. was in prison on a parole violation stemming from a 2007 charge.

Documents in the case say that at the time Beasley had been working as the head of security for the studio and was living in a bedroom in the building.

In 2010, Beasley Peed on Drake at a Movie Screening, According to ‘Reliable Sources’

In the last lines of Meek Mill’s 2015 Drake-diss “Wanna-Know,” Mill wrote, “You let Tip homie piss on you in a movie theater n****, we ain’t forget.” TMZ reported in 2010 that Drake had been attending a screening of the movie, “Takers,” when Beasley, who appears in the movie when he was peed on.

A reporter, Julia Beverly, said in a series of now-deleted tweets, “Drake got peed on by TI’s drunk friend Cap at the Takers premiere in Hollywood. (or so I heard from reliable sources)…. Story I heard: Cap was fresh out of the Feds & drunk during the premiere, peed in the aisle & on Drake. He got clowned for not reacting.”

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