Earthquake Jolts Los Angeles: 3.6 Magnitude

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An earthquake was reported in the Los Angeles area around 11:41 p.m. local time on January 21. As reported by ABC 7, it was centered around Granada Hills. It was a quick jolt that was measured at a 3.6 magnitude.

Thousands of people took to Twitter to confirm whether or not a quake had just happened. It was reportedly felt from Hollywood to Santa Monica. While reporter Jory Rand tweeted that he felt “one jolt,” fellow ABC 7 reporter Denise Dador, who was located in Pasadena, tweeted that she felt “two jolts.”

The earthquake hit nearly two miles from Granada Hills, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. The depth of the temblor was about four miles. Locals reported that the earthquake was felt wide over greater Los Angeles. From Oxnard to the Inland Empire, and from Santa Ana up to the Antelope Valley. It was largely described as a “shock” or a “jolt,” not a rolling earthquake.

There were no immediate reports of any sufficient damage or injuries from the late-night earthquake. The Los Angeles Police Department official account tweeted, “We are monitoring preliminary reports of a magnitude 3.6 #earthquake in the LA area. There are no reports of any damage and/or injuries to the LAPD at this time.”

Los Angeles Fire Department Talk also tweeted an update to Southern California locals that were awaked by the earthquake. They wrote, “#LAFD is now in #EarthquakeMode. All stations will meet in a staging area and drive a pre-planned route through their districts to assess the need for emergency services due to a 3.6 #earthquake, whose epicenter was within the Los Angeles City limits #GranadaHills.”

Numerous Celebrities Tweeted About The ‘Strong Jolt’ Earthquake

Being that the earthquake traversed Tinseltown, numerous celebrities were awake to experience the sudden jolt or were awakened by it, and like everyone else, rushed to Twitter to confirm they weren’t going crazy.

Former Parks and Recreation actor Adam Scott tweeted, “I feel it is my duty to also acknowledge the earthquake.”

There Were Back To Back Earthquakes In Southern California Back In July

Right after 6.4 magnitude quake struck Southern California on July 4, another hit the Ridgecrest area on July 5. Preliminary reports say this quake was a massive 7.1 in magnitude, and it lasted for up to 40 seconds. The earthquake was felt as far away as Los Angeles, even causing shaking during an L.A. Dodgers game.

The July 4th quake was already the largest in nearly 20 years, but the earthquake reported the next day was much larger. Initially reported as having a 7.1 magnitude, it was then downgraded to 6.9. It was then raised again to 7.1. CNN reported that “multiple fires and injuries” were reported in Ridgecrest.

Kern County Fire Chief David Witt reported July 6 that there were, thankfully, no deaths, major injuries or major collapses of buildings in Trona or Ridgecrest, the two hardest-hit areas. Witt said there is damage, but authorities were still assessing the degree of it. Thankfully, only minor injuries and some property damage resulted from the massive quake.

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