Juliette Parker: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Facebook/police release Juliette Parker

Juliette Parker is a former mayoral candidate who is accused with her teenage daughter of conspiring to steal a woman’s baby by using a free photography scheme in Washington State. The bizarre story even contains an accusation of a poisoned cupcake. A local newspaper once called her an advocate for the homeless when she ran for Colorado Springs mayor.

Now police are asking whether anyone else was approached by Parker. “Our deputies executed a warrant at the suspect’s residence in the 4100 block of 220th St. E. near Spanaway. The 38-year-old female suspect was arrested on multiple felony charges, as well as her 16-year-old daughter,” the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department said in a statement.

“If you have been contacted by a woman named ‘Juliette Parker,’ ‘Juliette Noel’ or ‘Juliette Gains’ who posed as a photographer and believe you are a victim, please give our detectives a call as soon as possible at 253-798-7724 or send us a private message.”

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Police Say Parker & Her Daughter Are Suspected of Drugging the New Mother

The news release from the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department announces: “Detectives arrest suspects who posed online as newborn photographers and are suspected of drugging a woman in an attempt to steal her baby.”

On Friday February 14, 2020, at 2:30 p.m., detectives from the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department arrested the 38-year-old woman (Parker) and her 16-year-old daughter “at their residence in Spanaway following an extensive investigation of reports that the suspects had drugged a woman after posing as a newborn baby photographer,” the release says.

“Our detectives have worked tirelessly on this case, conducting multiple interviews and obtaining several search warrants. This detailed investigation identified additional victims and garnered evidence that indicate that the suspect was planning to steal a newborn baby to raise as her own. Our deputies also donated to purchase new locks and window guards for the victim and volunteered to install them at her residence,” says the release.

2. Police Say the Victim, Who Met Parker on Facebook, Called 911 After Feeling Ill

According to the Sheriff’s release, an adult female victim “called 911 on the night of February 5, 2020, to request medical aid when she suddenly began feeling numbness, drowsiness, instability on her feet and was vomiting. The victim told firefighters that she believed that she had been drugged.”

After seeking further treatment at a hospital, the victim “contacted the Sheriff’s Department to file a police report. The victim told deputies that she believed she was drugged by a woman who had come to her house posing as a photographer. The victim reported that she had met the suspect through a post on a newborn baby group on Facebook, where the suspect had advertised free photos of newborn babies so the suspect could build her portfolio.”

3. Parker Is Accused of Taking Selfies of the Victim’s Baby

The suspect reportedly “came to the victim’s residence on three occasions to photograph her newborn baby. The suspect was observed taking cell phone selfies with the victim’s baby and was seen wiping her fingerprints off items she touched inside the victim’s home during the third incident, the suspect and the suspect’s teenage daughter gave the victim a cupcake to eat; the victim reported feeling numb and drowsy immediately after eating the cupcake,” says the release.

“The victim told the suspect and her daughter to leave her home. After they left, the victim noticed that the suspect had stolen her house keys,” the release states.

4. Parker Ran for Mayor as a Tiny House Advocate

Juliette Parker “sees two issues at the heart of nearly every problem facing Colorado Springs: homelessness and affordable housing,” a profile story on her running for Colorado Springs mayor said in March 2019.

That article says that Parker had only moved to Colorado Springs two years before and was a “longtime tiny house advocate.”

The story said that Parker has two children.

“It (homelessness) is a symptom of the fact our city does not have good leadership and is not managing things the way they need to be, and isn’t putting enough effort into caring about residents — homeless or not homeless,” Parker said to the publication.

5. Parker Founded a Non Profit & Was Once Charged in a Metal Explosion

Former Springs mayoral candidate arrested in WashingtonJuliette Parker and her 16-year-old daughter are accused of posing as newborn photographers, drugging a new mother, and plotting to steal her baby.2020-02-15T05:18:13.000Z

Parker founded the non-profit MENDA or Meaningful Empowerment through New Development and Art.

Parker’s name appears in a story that reported that a couple hurt “last year when a 20mm shell they’d scavenged from Joint Base Lewis-McChord exploded in their faces pleaded guilty Tuesday to a charge stemming from the blast,” according to the News Tribune.

The article called her a “metal scavenger.”

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