Texas Woman Accused in Beating of State’s Former Lieutenant Governor

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Leslie Ann Caron is a political fundraiser who is accused of beating her boyfriend David Dewhurst, the former lieutenant governor of Texas.

Court records show Caron was charged with “injury to an elderly person.” She is 40; Dewhurst is 74 years old. Dewhurst was first elected Texas lieutenant governor in 2003, serving until he lost a Republican primary in 2014. According to Ballotpedia, Dewhurst was formerly “an officer in the U.S. Air Force, the Central Intelligence Agency, and the U.S. State Department.” KHOU-TV describes Caron as Dewhurst’s “live-in” girlfriend.

Harris County courtsHarris County court records.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Caron Is Accused of Hitting & Biting Dewhurst

The criminal complaint filed by the Harris County District Attorney says that Caron is accused of causing bodily injury to David Henry Dewhurst “by striking the Complainant with her hands and feet and by biting the Complainant with her teeth.” Here is that court document:

Harris CoHarris County court records

The state requested a no-contact order.

Harris CoCourt records

According to KHOU, Dewhurst was badly injured, suffering possible “broken ribs.” Journalist Greg Groogan of Fox 26 wrote on Twitter that, according to a source, Caron allegedly “kicked him in the ribs, hit him with a pot and bit him.”

Harris CountyHarris County court records.

Dewhurst “suffered two fractured ribs,” Groogan wrote. He alleged the “attack” happened on May 13 and May 17, 2020, and referred to Caron as Dewhurst’s girlfriend. According to Click2Houston, “during the argument, Caron is accused of kicking Dewhurst in the chest and then leaving the house” in River Oaks. A few days later, Caron returned, and the argument ensued, the television station reported, alleging that “Caron kicked Dewhurst in the chest again, fracturing his ribs, sources said. Caron is also accused of biting and scratching Dewhurst.”

2. Caron Has Worked as a Political Fundraiser & Filled Her Instagram Page With Photos Showing Her in Designer Outfits

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It isn’t a celebration without these three! 🎊

A post shared by Leslie Caron (@lesliedecaron) on Jul 18, 2019 at 9:11am PDT

On Instagram, Caron called herself a “tableau vivant: I believe the characters we read on the page become more real than people who stand beside us.”

With one headshot on Instagram, Caron wrote, “Having the best birthday with my favorite person in my favorite place. I did this photo shoot this weekend inspired by old Jackie Kennedy photos. Yesterday would have been her 90th birthday. What a coincidence we are one day apart! I am raising a glass to us this week 🍸” Another post read, “Remembering that night I went tootin’ around Paris in my little black mink and favorite @carlosfalchi clutch.” Another says, “Diana Vreeland’s memo on lip gloss: Please don’t forget … To use lots of lip gloss. As It is the large generous mouth that we really believe in.” Another: “#MichellePfeiffer’s iconic pieces from #Scarface will serve as my #Miami packing inspiration for my upcoming girl’s trip.”

“Because a patriotic selfie is never a bad idea ☝️🇺🇸,” she wrote.

Caron’s LinkedIn page says she’s based in Austin, Texas. It lists her as “Director, Political Fundraising / Special Event Planning (Super PAC Pioneer, PR Consultant).”

“With more than 15 years of experience in special event planning, communications, political outreach, and fundraising strategy, Leslie most recently tenured as a Principal at The McIntosh Company,” it reads.

The McIntosh Company “is a political and non-profit consulting firm specializing in major donor fundraising efforts. The services provided ranged from single event coordination to designing, directing, and implementing complete fundraising campaigns,” the LinkedIn page says. “Past clients include Presidential Candidates, U.S. Senators, Governors, State Senators and Representatives, District Judges, County Judges and Commissioners, as well as National and State PAC’s, 501(c)3 and (c)4 efforts.”

3. Caron Worked for a Super PAC Supporting Mitt Romney & Helped With John McCain’s Fundraising

In the 2012 election cycle, Caron’s LinkedIn page says, “Leslie worked for the super PAC supporting Mitt Romney, where she used focus, drive, and verve to host events and secure needed resources before he became the GOP presidential nominee. Once the McIntosh Company became involved in the official ‘Romney for President’ campaign, Leslie worked with Alison McIntosh to lead political event planning and fundraising efforts.”

The page then says that, during the Texas U.S. Senate primary and run-off campaigns, Caron “oversaw events and fundraising for the Dewhurst for Texas Committee in the DFW area. Also, Leslie managed the statewide efforts focused on seven U.S. Senate races across the country, including Senator Deb Fischer from Nebraska.”

“In 2010, Leslie devised a strategy for successful Republican challenger, State Representative Stefani Carter, that raised over $1.3MM in what has been called the most expensive Texas House race in history,” it says.

“In addition, at the beginning of U.S. Senator John McCain’s Exploratory Committee in 2007, Leslie assisted McIntosh with major-donor fundraising programs and helped lead the Dallas Young Professionals for McCain effort.”

Her LinkedIn page also says she worked as “Fundraiser/Campaign Finance” for “McCain 2008” in Dallas, Texas for a year. “Supervised big-donor fundraising programs and helped guide campaign chairs to focus attention on revenue goals; secured and contracted venues, selected appropriate aesthetics, drafted host talking points and introductions, and negotiated high-stakes seating assignments,” the entry reads.

4. Caron Was Born in Arkansas & Has a Political Science Degree

Caron’s involvement in Republican politics dates to college. Her LinkedIn page says she was born in Ft. Smith Arkansas and received a bachelor’s degree in political science in 2001 from the University of Arkansas. She became interested in politics “from the ground up” with the College Republicans, helping “Bush for President efforts in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina during the presidential election of 2000.”

In college, she was on the dean’s list, was College Republican chairman, was a scholarship recipient, and a newspaper news editor.

The page describes her “aesthetic sense and exacting standards” which it says “have set the benchmark against which many events are now held.”

“In 2012, following the annual Annette Strauss Institute Dinner to honor Kay Baily Hutchinson, Ted Strauss (the former Mayor’s widow) noted that Leslie’s event was the best he had ever attended,” it reads.

She also worked in public affairs for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and as deputy director in the office of constituent services for United States Senator John Cornyn. In addition, she was a staff assistant for Senator Phil Gramm. She also served as a news assistant for CBS News years ago and once wrote a travel website in Warsaw, Poland.

5. Dewhurst Was in Public Service for Years, Serving as Lieutenant Governor for Rick Perry & Underwent a Messy Divorce

David Dewhurst

BallotpediaDavid Dewhurst

In August 2019, Dewhurst’s ex-wife alleged he “failed to pay $6.7 million that he agreed to as part of their 2016 divorce,” according to Texas Monitor.

Tricia Bivins was described by the publication as a “former energy industry lobbyist and attorney who married Dewhurst in 2012.” You can see the lawsuit here.

The 74 year old Dewhurst was elected the lieutenant governor of Texas, serving under then Gov. Rick Perry. He lost a Republican primary in 2014. He also served as Texas Land Commissioner.

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