Woman Charged After Explicit ‘Virtual Visit’ With Jailed Boyfriend: Cops

noelle rascati

Lake County Sheriff Noelle Rascati.

Noelle Rascati, a 32-year-old woman from Florida, was arrested and charged after police say she had an explicit video call with her jailed boyfriend. In March, Rascati had a “virtual visit” with Tathan Fields, who is currently incarcerated at the Santa Rosa County Jail, The Smoking Gun reported.

During the video call between the two, things became “extremely sexual,” according to the outlet’s report.  Fields was “sitting in what appears to be a jail pod” wearing an orange jumpsuit, and Rascati was wearing a pink bathrobe and was on a bed in a Lake County home. However, Rascati was not alone in the room, as police say she was accompanied by a young child.

According to The Smoking Gun, the young boy’s age and relationship with Rascati have not been revealed; however, the child appears to be her son.

According to a police report obtained by The Smoking Gun, “Ms. Rascati was completely nude on the bed and used various ‘sexual apparatus’ while masturbating, as the young [child] was just feet away watching.” Because of how the video call works, cops said that Rascati’s screen would have “also displayed the view of Mr. Fields masturbating” and that the child may have seen the inmate.

After an investigation into the virtual visit, Rascati was arrested last week and charged with engaging in lewd and lascivious conduct in the presence of a minor, a felony. She was booked at the Lake County Jail and released from custody after posting $2,000 bond. Rascati is scheduled for an arraignment on May 18, according to The Smoking Gun.

Fields has not been charged for the sexual video call with Rascati. Here is a picture of Rascati’s mugshot from the outlet Mugshots Lake County:

Fields Is Currently Serving 15 Years & Is Facing More Charges Unrelated to the Video Call

tathan fields

Lake County SheriffTathan Fields.

The 26-year-old Fields is currently serving 15 years behind bars after he was convicted on grand theft and burglary charges in 2015.

According to the outlet’s report, he was also charged while in jail after police say he masturbated during a prison class taught by a female instructor. Fields was also charged in 2018 with mailing a hoax weapon of mass destruction after police say he mailed a letter containing fake anthrax to the State Attorney’s Office in Polk County, Florida, according to the Pensacola News Journal. He was serving jail time for the 2015 burglary and theft charges at the time. Both charges are still pending according to The Smoking Gun’s report.

The Florida Department of Corrections Has Suspended Physical Visitations to Prisons

Because of the COVID-19 coronavirus, visitation has been suspended at all correctional facilities in Florida. The Florida Department of Corrections extended the suspension through May 17, and that “the decision to reinstate the normal visitation schedule will be evaluated in consultation with public health experts.”

During the pause in visitation, inmates will be able to communicate with their loved ones via phone calls, mail and video visitation. According to the order, legal visits will not be affected.

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