Billionaire Mavs Owner Mark Cuban Reveals Why Kanye West Won’t Have His Vote

Getty Rapper Kanye West.

Rapper and clothing designer Kanye West recently revealed that he intended to run for president this year.

On July 4, West took to Twitter to publicly announce his intentions to run, but it is unclear whether his tweet was, in fact, a publicity stunt or a legitimate announcement.

“We must now realize the promise of America by trusting God, unifying our vision and building our future. I am running for president of the United States,” tweeted West.

We may have gotten further clarification. Steve Kramer, a political professional who helps candidates get on ballots across the country, told New York Magazine this week, “He’s out.”

When asked what happened to West’s bid, Kramer told New York, “I’ll let you know what I know once I get all our stuff canceled.”

Whatever the outcome, don’t expect a vote from Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban.

“No,” Cuban told me. “I wouldn’t vote for Kanye. Love his music. Will buy his music, his shoes and maybe even buy his gear at the Gap. But I wouldn’t vote for him.”

Worth noting, earlier this month journalist Emily Miller asked Cuban via Twitter whether he’d support West’s bid for the presidency.

Cuban responded by stating: “If there was Rank Choice voting available and @kanyewest was on the ballot with @JoeBiden and @realDonaldTrump, I would have @kanyewest ahead of @realDonaldTrump.”

Cuban has Criticized President Trump for Years

Cuban has been critical of President Donald Trump even before he was in office. He said Hillary Clinton, his Democratic opponent in 2016, was a better negotiator.

“You know Hillary has had to actually do large-scale treaties, a large-scale policy so that’s one thing,” Mark Cuban told me on Scoop B Radio in 2016. “So, she’s had to deal with things on a global basis, maybe she didn’t do them all by herself, but she’s had to deal with a lot of inter-country, interagency things but that really wasn’t even the biggest point. The bigger point was the Clintons, Hillary, and Bill.”

Kanye West Has Been a Trump Supporter

Meanwhile back at the ranch: Once a Trump supporter, West told Forbes that he was, “taking the red hat off.” That statement was in reference to Trump’s red “Make America Great Again” hat.

“It looks like one big mess to me,” said West. “One of the main reasons I wore the red hat as a protest to the segregation of votes in the Black community. … Also, other than the fact that I like Trump hotels and the saxophones in the lobby.”

According to a recent poll conducted by Redfield & Wilton Strategies on July 9, Kanye West received 2% of the vote in a national presidential poll. Respondents of the poll were first asked who they would vote for in November, without mentioning West’s name.

Per The Hill: Voters were then prompted again, the pollster told The Hill.

This time, Redfield & Wilton mentioned West, asking, “If Kanye West is on the ballot in your state in the Presidential Election on 3 November 2020, for whom will you vote?”

In that iteration, Biden led Trump 48% to 39%, while West and Libertarian Party candidate Jo Jorgensen each garnered 2% support.

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