Paul Turovsky: Florida Man Accused of Soliciting Prostitute on Honeymoon

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Paul Turovsky is a Florida man who is accused of soliciting a prostitute on his honeymoon while his wife slept.

Turovsky was one of multiple men caught in a sting by the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Department, and the sheriff released their photos in an August 25, 2022, media blitz.

“When I became Sheriff — I made a commitment to fight illegal prostitution and to protect the citizens of Hillsborough County from being victimized by predators in our midst,” said Sheriff Chad Chronister in a news release. “The Human Trafficking Squad has been given all the resources they need to save the victims, who often find themselves in a dark and dangerous life with no way out.”

Here’s what you need to know:

Turovsky Is Accused of Leaving His New Wife in Their Hotel Room ‘While on His Honeymoon’

The wedding was barely over when authorities accused Turovsky (third from bottom on right in the collage above) of sneaking out of the honeymoon suite he was sharing with his new wife to “pay for sex.”

In a press release posted on the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Department’s website, the department wrote, “While on his honeymoon, one suspect, Paul Turovsky, 34-years-old, made arrangements to meet an undercover detective and pay for sex. Leaving his new wife in their hotel room, he traveled to meet the undercover detective and was arrested.’

Chronister said in a news conference: “The only question here was, as a wedding guest was it too late to get the gifts that they gave returned back to them?”

The name of Turovsky’s wife was not immediately apparent.

Turovsky Has Worked as a Real Estate Agent in Florida

Online records show that Turovsky has lived in multiple cities in Florida, most recently in Fort Myers. He also has old addresses in New York.

According to True Crime Daily, Turovsky “reportedly got married July 15 and was honeymooning in Tampa.” He is accused of going to another hotel for sex. The Independent described him as a business manager from Florida.

According to Zillow, Turovsky has worked in real estate for 16 years.

The website says Turovsky “epitomizes integrity, energy, hard work and creative service in every detail of a real estate transaction. Paul has extensive knowledge of the different cities and neighborhoods across the State of Florida and he has worked every aspect of the industry representing Sellers, Buyers, Investors and Banks in both the Residential and Commercial Market.”

It adds:

After graduating from Ave Maria School of Law in 2013, Paul gained significant practical experience in all aspects of residential and commercial real estate transactions. He then founded several real estate firms, including a real estate investment conduit and a firm that purchased and sold distressed residential properties. Paul has broad experience in real estate transactions, including real estate brokerage, mortgage underwriting, title services, purchases and sales, assembling investment syndicates and structured real estate finance.

His LinkedIn page is now deleted.

Turovsky recently touted Tampa and Harbour Island as good places to live.

“I have seen a dramatic uptick in the number of young families and retirees moving to Harbour Island, and I know colleagues who have represented many of these families that are looking to purchase real estate and settle into a quiet, yet lively neighborhood in the Tampa area,” he told Sea Isle News.

“I have been representing real estate investors for more than sixteen years, and while investors have been looking for areas they can maximize their potential, in addition, to giving back to our local communities, investors tend to steer clear of the historic neighborhood, thus allowing families to enjoy all that the neighborhood can offer, and really drive the amount of home ownership versus rentals,” Turovsky told that publication.

The Sheriff’s Department Has Arrested ‘Hundreds of Suspects’ for ‘Various Sex Crimes’

In the news release, the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office wrote that it “is crediting the newly formed Human Trafficking Squad for arresting hundreds of suspects in various sex crimes and saving several victims from a life of exploitation.”

The release continued:

Since the formation of the Human Trafficking Squad on June 14, 2021, the deputies assigned have worked tirelessly to investigate, arrest, and stop the use of people for various criminal activities. A large part of the cases they work on include the prostitution of victims for sex. To date, 360 people have been arrested, with a total of 8 victims rescued.

Starting in April, through various stings and operations focused on stopping the demand for prostitution, HCSO deputies arrested 176 men who went looking to commit illegal acts of prostitution — some of them with minors.

Most of the men arrested are facing charges related to solicitation of prostitution. These men made contact with our detectives in their attempts to purchase sex.

After naming Turovsky, the release continued:

Another group of men went looking to coerce minors into having sex with them. Ten of the ‘Johns’ arrested had inappropriate conversations, often sharing pictures and videos, with undercover detectives who they thought were underage boys or girls. When the opportunity arose to meet, some did not take the bait, while others got in their cars and drove, hoping to meet with a minor. Instead, they found themselves, thankfully, face to face with our deputies, and were quickly arrested.

Perhaps the most dangerous, are the men who not only went looking for sex with underage victims, but paid for it. Now they’re paying the price with felony charges for human trafficking.

The sheriff’s department did not accuse Turovsky of any involvement in human trafficking or with minors. Some people criticized the sheriff’s department for mixing men accused of soliciting adult prostitutes with the latter. “Why are we suddenly calling all prostitution stings human trafficking? It is not all the same and takes away from the significance of actual trafficking,” wrote one woman on the department’s press release posted on Facebook.

“In the year since we launched the Human Trafficking Squad, we have rescued 8 victims of human trafficking. We are committed to not just pulling them out of dangerous situations, but supporting them in a new and improved life,” the department wrote in the release.

“I want to thank organizations like Selah Freedom, and other victims advocates, who ensure these victims were given proper food and shelter,” said Chronister in the press release. “During our work to eradicate the disgusting act of prostitution, one victim was taken to rehab. Another was returned to her mother, and one provided a plane ticket to return to her family in another state.”

The department continued:

Most recently, HCSO detectives learned of two male human trafficking suspects who traveled from Massachusetts to Tampa with two missing and endangered teens. In the course of their investigation, deputies were able to find one adult with one teen sleeping in a vehicle at a local grocery store, and the second victim at a nearby hotel with the second suspect, and an additional adult male suspect. All three suspects were arrested, and the missing teens taken into protective custody.

This is not the end, though. We will continue our efforts to get predators off the streets, and to save every human trafficking victim we can.

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