Why Is Princess Diana Trending on Twitter After Death of Queen Elizabeth II?

Princess Diana

Getty Princess Diana is trending on Twitter.

Shortly after the death of Queen Elizabeth II was announced on September 8, 2022, Princess Diana began trending on Twitter.

Many Twitter users took the time to pick at the queen’s relationship with Diana now that both women are dead.

Here’s what you need to know:

Fans Tweeted About Princess Diana Enjoying the News of Queen Elizabeth’s Passing: ‘You Would’ve Loved What Just Happened’

Several fans shared memes implying that Diana would be waiting in the afterlife for Elizabeth and it wouldn’t be a warm welcome.

Here are a few examples of those tweets.

Time to pour one out for princess Diana ig. It’s gonna be a party tonight,” someone tweeted.

“rip princess diana u were the only real one,” another person wrote. 

Kinda wish princess diana was here so she could enjoy this day,” another fan tweeted.

“#QueenElizabeth has passed away but the first thing that come to my mind was #PrincessDiana and the naked man that tried to escape Buckingham Palace and fell from the window . Weird what comes to mind,” someone tweeted.

“princess diana getting ready to greet Queen Elizabeth II in the after life:” wrote one person on Twitter, posting a comic book illustration of Marvel’s Venom dunking a basketball over Spider-Man. The faces of Elizabeth and Diana are superimposed on the bodies of the characters.

“When Princess Diana died, I was sad and mourned her death. I really don’t have any feelings for the Queen’s passing. My sympathy lies with, Prince Harry, Duchess Meghan and their kids,” someone tweeted.

“Rip princess Diana, you would’ve loved what just happened,” a fan said.

“Can’t deny the queen was horrid to princess Diana and Meghan, and that’s on top of the broader problems that occur when we allow monarchy to continue,” someone wrote. “And some people are driven absolutely rabid if you say it out loud. For everything wrong with America, I am free to say this.”

The Relationship Between Princess Diana & Queen Elizabeth Was Strained: Diana ‘Disclosed Quite a Bit About Her Life & Her Private Feelings and Emotions to the Press’

Many have long thought there was a rift between Diana and the queen.

Diana married Charles in July 1981 and had two sons, Princes William and Harry. After several “publicly tumultuous years in their marriage,” Charles and Diana divorced in 1996, and Diana died the following year, according to Reader’s Digest, which detailed the two royal women’s relations.

“Diana perhaps told too much — she disclosed quite a bit about her life and her private feelings and emotions to the press,” Arianne Chernock, an associate professor of history at Boston University, told the outlet. “The queen throughout her reign has had a very different, much more careful, choreographed approach. And so we don’t know what the queen thought of the relationship. In a way, Diana gets to narrate the story for us.”

Historians have noted time and again that it was the royal family — mostly the queen — who pushed Charles to marry Diana, but the queen’s happiness with Diana didn’t last, the outlet reported.

“Diana was wanting more guidance and felt that the queen could have offered that to her,” Chernock told Reader’s Digest. “So it’s a fishbowl kind of experience, very few people on the inside, and I think Diana did describe her experience as a profoundly lonely one and wished that especially women in the royal family had been more accessible, more available to her.”

The queen never revealed her opinion of Diana, but it didn’t stop people from speculating.

“I think we can assume, based on many related conversations others had, that [the queen] did not want a separation; that this was seen as dangerous to the throne, not in keeping with this moral platform the family tries to uphold or project,” Chernock said, according to Reader’s Digest. “So I think they certainly felt this was unfortunate.”

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