WATCH: Man in Red Hat Repeatedly Asks Strangers Where to Find COVID

Man asks where he can find COVID

Twitter/PatriotTakes A man was seen asking people where he could find COVID.

An unidentified man was seen wandering up and down public sidewalks in South Carolina asking strangers if they knew where he could find COVID. The videos of the incident, which was reported on September 27, are going viral.

The Man Asked Random People, While Not Wearing a Mask, Where He Could Find COVID

The videos were shared on Twitter by an account called PatriotTakes, which simply wrote: “This MAGA is walking around asking people where he can find COVID.”

While the man is wearing a red hat with white lettering, it doesn’t actually say “Make America Great Again.” However, it’s unclear exactly what the hat does say.

He can be seen asking one person wearing a mask, “Do you know where to find COVID?” He then yells out, “You guys know where to find COVID?”

“I’m looking for COVID,” he says as a group of three people approach. One guy pretends to throw COVID on him and he says, “Oh! I’m dying!”

Many people simply do not respond as he tries to stop them, asking where to find COVID. He stops one woman and asks, “Have you seen the COVID anywhere?” She just says “no” and tries to walk on.

“Do you know where I can get it,” he asks. “I want to make sure it’s real.”

She just says that she knows some people who had it, as she walks away.

The man then yells, “No one can find the COVID!”

He was then seen in another video shared by PatriotTakes.

In this video, he can be seen asking the question to people who are sitting outside. One person gets up as he approaches and quickly walks away while he follows her yelling, “Can you hear me?!”

A few seconds later he says, “I’m looking for COVID everywhere. Can’t find it!”

One of the videos was also shared on Reddit, where it received more than 300 upvotes.

Viewers Said the Videos Are From Greenville, South Carolina

Viewers on Twitter said the video was taken in Greenville, South Carolina. The man has not yet been identified.

One person wrote: “This is in Greenville SC. Our ICUs have been overwhelmed for weeks.”

Another person wrote: “In the 1st clip there is signage that indicates he’s in Greenville, South Carolina (Mary’s Restaurant at Falls Cottage sign…) Looks like there is a square nearby the restaurant. Agree with you, this is harassment (and mental illness).”

Another person replied, “Can confirm it’s Greenville, recognized it immediately. That’s falls park, center of downtown.”

The State reported on September 25 that there were 2,602 new cases of COVID-19 in South Carolina on September 24, along with 111 new COVID-related deaths. The CDC noted that community spread is low when 5% or fewer of COVID-19 tests are positive. In South Carolina that number was 9.4% on Friday, The State reported.

The South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control reported that as of Sunday, hospitalizations for COVID-19 were down 12.6% from the previous week, with ventilated patients down by 8%, WBTW reported. Out of the state’s available ICU beds, 82.69% are in use.

In the state, 24 children are currently hospitalized with COVID, Greenville News reported. One child is on life support.

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