Richard Jacobson: Hiker Falls 700 Feet While Taking Photo

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Facebook Richard Jacobson.

Richard “Richie” Jacobson, 21, was a hiker who died while trying to take a photo at Flatiron peak in Lost Dutchman State Park in Arizona.

According to ABC15, Jacobson “died after an apparent fall at Lost Dutchman State Park,” which occurred when he “went off the trail to take a photo and slipped.”

Heavy has contacted the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office for additional details.

A friend wrote on Jacobson’s Facebook page, “So sad to hear the news.😢 You were a great missionary and it was wonderful to get to know you. Our love and prayers go out to your family and friends.💙🙏🏼” He lived in Mesa, Arizona, according to his Facebook page. He was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, according to a tribute post by his father.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Jacobson’s Friend Described Him as ‘Passionate About His Faith’

ABC15 spoke with Paul Blanco, a friend of Jacobson’s.

“The only thing I can remember is kind of like my ears starting to ring. Just like shock. Denial. Just like not being able to believe it,” Blanco told the television station.

He told the television station that Jacobson, in the words of ABC15, “was passionate about his faith and teaching others, saying he was involved in mission work in Washington and Utah.”

2. Jacobson Fell 400 to 700 Feet, Reports Say

According to The New York Post, Jacobson “fell an estimated 400 to 700 feet from the Flatiron Trail summit at Los Dutchman State Park after midnight Monday,” January 24, 2022.

The Post reported that, per sheriff’s officials, Jacobson was camping with a friend on top of Flat Iron. He went “to the edge to take a photo” and fell. His friend called 911.

The friend has not been identified.

3. Officials Say There Were No Signs of Foul Play

Fox10 Phoenix reported that authorities believe it’s a tragic accident.

“He slipped and fell,” Sergeant Doug Peoble of the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office said to the station. “I can tell you that during our investigation, there [were] no signs of foul play. No signs of drug use whatsoever. It was just a very tragic accident.”

He told the television station that Jacobson’s friend was airlifted from the area.

“As you can imagine, he was very distraught. He was torn up pretty bad emotionally. We were able to get a helicopter to him,” Peoble told Fox10 Phoenix.

4. Jacobson’s Father Mourned ‘Our Beautiful Son Richie’

“Please come celebrate our beautiful son Richie 💙 We are overwhelmed at the outpouring of love, prayers, and service given to our family during this difficult time. Richie will truly be missed, but ALWAYS in our hearts. Funeral services are listed below in the picture. He loved everyone he meet and always looked at the positive attributes in each,” Jacobson’s father, also named Richard Jacobson, wrote on Facebook.

Services were scheduled for January 29, 2022, at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Mesa, Arizona.

A friend offered tribute on Jacobson’s Facebook page, writing:

I knew a mission would bless my life, but I couldn’t have possibly imagined that it would have given me a best friend. Richie was one of the most consistent, encouraging, accepting, hilarious, loyal, comforting and humble individuals that I’ve ever met. He had this amazing ability of allowing those around him to feel instantly seen and appreciated. I truly admire him so much. The abundance of unconditional love and overall goodness this sweet boy showed me over the past 3 years is something I will treasure forever, and continuously thank my Father in Heaven for. I still can’t quite process the idea that I now have to live life without him, but I’m so grateful for the understanding that we will see each other again. This is simply just a hard ‘see-ya later.’ I love ya Richie boy, make sure to find us a yummy sushi place up there for our reunion🤍

5. Jacobson Described the Temple as ‘One of the Most Holiest & Happiest Places on Earth’

Jacobson wrote about his Mormon faith on Facebook.

“The temple is one of the most holiest and happiest places on earth. They are a place of refuge from the storms of life and allows us to find true peace. I love having the opportunity to share the joy and comfort I feel at the temple with everyone I meet,” read one post.

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