Trump Nominates Amy Coney Barrett to Succeed Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

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President Donald Trump on Saturday announced Judge Amy Coney Barrett as his nominee to succeed the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

By the time of the White House ceremony, little mystery remained as to who Trump’s nominee would be, and he walked to the podium with Barrett and her family at his side.

Trump and Barrett had met already in the run-up to Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation, and was his top choice since the death of Ginsburg, CNN reported.

Barrett has sat on the U.S. Court of Appeals, 7th District, since October 2017 and has taught law at Notre Dame Law School since 2002, according to her faculty profile at Notre Dame. A practicing Catholic and reported member of the controversial parachurch group People of Praise, Barrett is also strongly anti-abortion. Democrats fear that she could help push to roll back abortion and women’s rights — issues Ginsburg fought for throughout her life, the Associated Press reported.

Republican lawmakers and commentators urged Trump to nominate Barrett, however, with a number of House Republicans writing in a letter this week, “Her presence and critical vote on our nation’s highest court will help restore the balance of the separation of powers between the executive, legislative and judicial branches.”

You can watch the ceremony here, via C-SPAN.

Here’s what you need to know:

Trump Said Barrett Has ‘Unparalleled Intellect’ & Also Warned Her of the Difficult Confirmation Process to Come

Trump Barrett

C-SPANPresident Donald Trump announces Amy Coney Barrett as his nominee to succeed Justice Ruth Bader Ginsurg.

Trump first acknowledged Ginsburg’s passing, telling guests, “her extraordinary life and legacy will inspire generations to come.”

Introducing Barrett, Trump said that his pick’s qualifications are “unsurpassed,” and her record is “beyond reproach.” Barrett would being an unparalleled achievement, intellect and loyalty to the constitution” should she be confirmed, Trump said.

Trump also acknowledged that Barrett’s confirmation process will likely be difficult. Democratic lawmakers are livid at what they perceive as a violation of the so-called ‘McConnell rule” in Trump nominating a new justice just weeks before the presidential election. Trump urged lawmakers to refrain from “personal and partisan attacks.”

Trump evoked the rancorous confirmation process for his last pick, Kavanaugh, in which Kavanaugh faced allegations of past sexual assault and binge drinking.

Thanking the senators present in advance for what he called a “fair and timely hearing,” Trump added, “I know it will be that.”

It should be a straightforward and prompt confirmation,” Trump said. Then, wryly, he added, “It should be very easy. Good luck. It’s going to be very quick. I’m sure it will be very noncontroversial. We said that the last time, didn’t we?”

Barrett Repeatedly Pledged to Administer Justice Fairly & Without Interference From Her Personal Views

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Getty/Olivier DoulieryJudge Amy Coney Barrett speaks after being nominated to the US Supreme Court by President Donald Trump in the Rose Garden of the White House in Washington, DC on September 26, 2020. – Barrett, if confirmed by the US Senate, will replace Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who died on September 18.

Barrett for much of her speech spoke about her family of nine — much like the judicial body she hopes to join, she joked — and repeatedly sought to ease concern about her personal conservative and religious views.

“If confirmed, I will serve not my own circle or for my own sake, but to serve you,” Barrett said, adding that she would abide by the judicial oath to “administer justice without respect to persons.”

Barrett also pledged to equally serve “the poor and the rich.”

Trump’s nominee also recognized the late Justice Ginsburg, saying she would be “mindful of who came before me.”

“The flag is still flying at half-staff in memory of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, to mark the end of a great American life,” Barrett said. “Justice Ginsburg not only broke glass ceilings — she smashed them. For that, she has won the admiration of women across the country and, indeed, all over the world.”

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