Dr. Walter Palmer Accused of Sexual Harassment [Documents]

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Walter Palmer, right, is accused of paying to hunt down and kill a famed lion called Cecil, left, in Zimbabwe. (YouTube screenshots)

Dr. Walter Palmer, the Minnesota dentist who hunted and killed a famed lion in Zimbabwe in early July, sparking international outrage, paid a fine in 2009 to settle a sexual harassment claim made against him by a former employee.

The employee, who was also a patient, filed the claim with the Minnesota Board of Dentistry. Palmer settled it with a corrective action. Read the documents from the case below:

According to the complaint, the woman alleged “she was subjected to ongoing and unwelcome sexual harassment by (Palmer) including, but not limited to, verbal comments and physical conduct involving her breasts, buttocks, and genitalia.”

She said she asked her supervisor and Palmer that the behavior stop, but it continued. She also said she believes she was fired for reporting the conduct.

The employee worked for Palmer from 1999 to January 2005 as receptionist and was also provided dental services by Palmer.

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The complaint was dismissed in 2010 after the board determined he had completed all the requirement in the agreement. His insurer paid $127,500 to his accuser. In addition to the fine, he was also ordered to complete a jurisprudence exam and ethics course.

Palmer said he settled to “conclude the matter quickly and efficiently. (Palmer) did not admit any wrongdoing.”

Palmer has apologized for killing the lion. Two men, including the professional hunter he hired, have been charged criminally in Zimbabwe, and officials say they are looking for Palmer.

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  1. the incongruity between being a health worker by day, and stealth maimer by night for so long is grounds for considering him a sociopath. Earning enough money through taking care of people’s health in order to go to the far reaches of the world to murder fully integrated and necessary beings, demonstrates how unnecessary he is. The repetition of this murdurous affair illustrates the damage he has perpetrated on himself.

  2. I think he’s a total pig, but STOP posting his daughter’s personal information here. She didn’t choose her father. Many of us grew up with horrible parents — do we deserve to be punished for that? Please stop this, this poor girl probably had a tough life growing up with a sociopath as a parent. Think about it. YOU Are now being a horrible person.

    • People who do this need to know they put their families in the eye of the storm.As much as this is painful for them, they need to know that his behavior will tar and feather them also. Families need to act as as Jiminy Cricket conscience to these people to stop them. Had his family stopped him Cecil would be alive. This is why the entire family needs to share in his shame. They were complicit. No one can say they didn’t know what he was going to do. Forceful protest would probably have stopped him.Younger family members may know more about online activity and notoriety than older members and they don’t want it.

    • The girl backs up her father, does it not say enough? She supports Palmer’s lion killing ways, why does she deserve protection? She has turned out an arrogant, spoiled person, like her father.

  3. This man needs to be stripped of his dentist’s license, his hunting license, and his clothes … and be tossed to the animals he’s hunted for sport. This cruel, cowardly man needs to experience what it feels like to be defenseless and hunted.

  4. Palmer is an evil Psychopath who wounds to cause pain, kills for thrill and his own self gratification. He is seriously dysfunctional and i hope he is extradited and spends the next 20 years scrubbing floors.

    • He won’t be. The real evil comes from Grace Mugabe, the president and once great Robert Mugabe’s wife. He is 96 and she fears for her life at the hands of mobs when he dies as she is hated. She now gets money from the diamonds, selling kidnapped baby elephants to China and trophy hunts.Her European bank accounts are frozen – not sure why – and she is desperate for funds. She takes shopping trips to Paris where she spends 200K in a weekend trip so we see why she is doing this, selling off the beautiful wildlife of Zimbabwe.

  5. Their weenies are so small-scale and the only way they can . Get pleasure is to murder a defenseless animal. What a man…NOT.

  6. This subhuman is sick and a danger to society! Any person that find pleasure in killing or cruelty is evil and a crimen. this cowardly man needs to experience years in jail to feel trapt, defenseless and hunted.

  7. Walter Palmer, you may “apologize” for killing a lion, but no one would ever apologize for killing you. If you’re sorry you killed a lion, maybe you just SHOULDN’T have killed him in the first place.

    • He’s not sorry for killing Cecil. He’s sorry it led to this uproar and exposure.Trophy hunters who have professions or local businesses must be careful. They are vulnerable. Only ones who are safe are financial traders who can live anywhere.

  8. Trophy hunters are closet Serial Killers. Just like famous serial killers they kill animals and are sexual predators. It’d be no wonder if this Palmer guy and the other Seski guy are found to have murdered a few people. These assholes and fur farmers should be stripped naked and bow-hunted for days and in the and flayed alive for people to see..

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