‘Angry Birds Epic’: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Angry Birds Epic

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you’ll need to conquer your enemies and make your birds even stronger in Angry Birds Epic!

1. Get to Know Your Enemies Before You Make a Move

Angry Birds Epic

• As soon as you enter a battle with those nefarious pigs, don’t rush in and start attacking. 1st things 1st – analyze your foes by holding your finger over eacg enemy. Doing this will help you put together a solid game plan since you’ll get to see what types of attacks and abilities each pig possesses.

• You should always target the pigs who are most harmful to your party. Sometimes it makes more sense to take out the enemies that won’t take you too long to defeat. Pick your targets accordingly once you figure out what they can do.

2. Replay As Many Battles As Possible for Items and Equipment

Angry Birds Epic

Angry Birds Epic does a little something different from most mobile games these days by excluding the use of a energy meter limit. This means you won’t have to manage your playtime since you can play as long as you want, whenever you want.

• Now that you know this, you should take advantage of it by replaying missions in order to acquire more items and equipment for your party. Your main goal when it comes to taking on beaten missions is picking up the resources needed for crafting purposes.

3. Here’s a Very Solid Strategy That Will Make the Most of Your Party

Angry Birds Epic

TouchTapPlay.com came up with a very solid game plan for your party. These party tips come in handy once you add the Cleric class to your squad:

• As soon as you unlock the Cleric, things become really nice in terms of strategy since her healing powers are extremely useful. Have your Mage equip the Lightning Bird hat that allows you to select one of your birds that attacks a random enemy. Only select the Cleric, which does 40 base damage (more than the Knight) and also restores 8 health to your troops. Then you will attack once again with the Cleric, getting 16 free health. When the Chili meter fills, use it again with the Mage for extra healing from random attacks from the Cleric. Make sure that you always have them under the Knight’s shield and you’re ready to wreak havoc in all stages!

4. Make Sure You Add Some Live Friends!

• It pays off pretty well when you adopt some real friends who help you gain more Friendship Essence and more prize rolls. Plus you’ll have the option to borrow one of your friends’ birds and add it to your party for a mission.

• Every day, you’ll get the option to acquire some free doses of Friendship Essence all at once. In this instance, it’s best to have a nice collection of live friends for the game since the value of Friendship Essence you can gain goes up. The more friends you have…well, you know the rest.

5. Keep a Close Eye on Those Scavenge Points

Angry Birds Epic

• On a daily basis, you’ll notice that the scavenge points on the map will get a nice new dosage of new loot to acquire.

• Always take the time to keep a close eye on these locations, revisit them every day and pick up the great items they hold in order to cash out as much as possible.

Head on over to the 2nd page to get some more helpful tips for how to succeed in the medieval world of Angry Birds Epic!

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