Pokemon Go Nest Changes October 20th: What Spawns Are Different?

pokemon go ios update

Pokemon Go is available for iOS and Android devices. (Niantic)

Another Pokemon Go nest migration appears to have taken place.

In the free-to-play mobile game, a variety of “nests” can be found across the globe. These are areas in the real world where the same Pokemon species spawns on a consistent basis, and so a player trying to capture Bulbasaur, for example, can head to a Bulbasaur nest and leave with a whole bunch of them.

But the nests don’t stay the same forever. Every few weeks, in fact, there’s a nest migration, where many of the game’s nests change the type of species that spawns. You may head back to that Bulbasaur nest, for example, and find that now it exclusively outputs Electabuzz.

Sometimes, however, nests will change the same even through this migration, so it’s possible that your local nest could still output the same Pokemon as it did before.

It’s hard to predict what a given nest will change to without just going there and checking it out. But nonetheless, the same sorts of migrations often apply to many nests, which is why it’s helpful for users across the world to share their experiences. Here are some of the nest migrations that have been reported so far by users of The Silph Road subreddit. Got a nest migration that’s not on the list? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Abra –> Vulpix
  • Bulbasaur –> Squirtle
  • Caterpie –> Jynx
  • Charmander –> Electabuzz
  • Charmander –> Vulpix
  • Clefairy –> Pikachu
  • Exeggcute –> Drowzee
  • Exeggcute –> Electabuzz
  • Exeggcute –> Rhyhorn
  • Gastly –> Tentacool
  • Growlithe –> Magmar
  • Growlithe –> Psyduck
  • Kabuto –> Growlithe
  • Nagmar –> Omante
  • Omanyte –> Goldeen
  • Onix –> Bulbasaur
  • Pinsir –> Machop
  • Ratata –> Pidgey
  • Sandshrew –> Jynx
  • Scyther –> Staryu
  • Seel –> Psyduck
  • Squirtle –> Pinsir