5 Boxing Star Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

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Boxing is a simple but immensely entertaining sport.

Two pugilists get into a ring, square each other up, and try to knock each other out with well-placed punches. Every round of boxing features slick footwork, careful dodging, mind games, and feats of courage and skill. Boxing Star brings all of those elements to mobile with one of the best one-on-fighters to grace the small screen. You’ll have to climb the ranks as a amateur boxer and try to become an undeniable legend. Our tips and tricks guide will push you to championship status in no time!

Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Boxing Star:

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1. Switch Up Your Attacks to Keep ‘Em Guessing, Don’t Forget to Block, and Watch Your Stamina

Boxing Star Game

Four Thirty Three

Boxing Star pits you against underground fight club jobbers, up and coming pugilists, and championship boxers. While your journey to the top of the boxing ladder starts out simple enough, things soon get difficult for you as your boxer faces more formidable opponents. If you’re looking to regularly succeed, you’ll need to adopt a strategy that entails not being too predictable.

• Switch up your delivery of Jabs, Hooks, and Uppercuts. Sometimes it’s best to dance around your foe, become familiar with their tactics, and let them swing first so you can incapacitate them with Counter Punches. Once your opponent is dazed, lay into them with multiple uppercuts. And finally, activate your “Hyper Skill” while your opponent is in the middle of attacking.

• Along with a good offense, you need to adopt a strong defense as well. When a match starts to get a bit rough, start blocking. This tactic not only defends incoming punches, it also helps your boxer recover some of their health. By the way, you see that heart rate monitor beneath your health meter? That portion of your boxer’s UI (User Interface) represents his stamina. Keep any eye on it and make sure it doesn’t fall too low – once it hits zero, your boxer will throw out punches at an extremely slow rate.

2. Do Some Training, Earn Skill Points, and Develop a Varied Skill Set

Boxing Star

Four Thirty Three

• After you engage in some training, your boxer will acquire the Skill Points needed to acquire different types of abilities. The type of Skills you can purchase and upgrade are Jabs, Hooks, Uppercuts, Specials, and Stances. Once you purchase all the Skill Slots, you can choose to fill them up with a varied set of Skills. For example, a varied moveset means equipping “Stunner Hunter Stance Rookie”, “Rib Crusher,” “Thorn Fist,” and “Rampant Rage.” Or you can attach a matching color stance and attack/special skill to your boxer – this helps increase the stats of those abilities.

• You’ve probably realized this by now, but each skill is tied to a different color alignment. Green Skills are tied to the “Counter Master” attribute, Purple Skills are tied to the “Stunner Hunter” attribute, Blue Skills are tied to the “Stamina Burner” attribute, and Orange Skills are tied to the “Lucky Puncher” attribute.

• Counter Master skills gift your boxer with powerful counter punches, Stunner Hunter skills help you deal more damage to dizzy opponents, Stamina Burner skills increase your attack power when your boxer’s stamina is high, and Lucky Puncher skills randomly boosts your attack power. Green Stance Skills are strong against Orange, Orange Stance Skills are strong against Purple, Purple Stance Skills are strong against Blue Stance Skills, and Blue Stance Skills are strong against Green.

3. Jump Into the League!

Boxing Star

Four Thirty Three

• Besides Story Mode bouts, you’ll get thrown into the ring during League matches. Winning these bouts helps you acquire Star Points, which goes toward renewing your training contract with Khari when you finish all his available training sessions. As you achieve higher ranks within the current League you’re competing in, you’ll be awarded with a certain type of League Reward Box. Fight hard and beat back the online competition so you can increase your rank and collect as many reward boxes as possible!

4. Stay on Top of Your Sponsorship Gear Collection

Boxing Star Trailer_2Go for the K.O.! Make Your Opponent See Stars!2018-09-05T03:18:48.000Z

• Your victories will lead to you owning reward boxes, which are full of equippable items that helps increase your boxer’s stats. When you hop into the “Gear” portion of the main menu, click on “Manage” so you can equip your boxer with new pieces of gear.

• When it comes time to upgrade your favorite piece of equipment, be sure to sacrifice the very same type of gear for it. You’ll get a synergy bonus that leads to your upgraded item getting a bigger boost in stats. And when you hit the max level for an item and get the chance to raise its rarity tier, make it happen ASAP! Rarer types of gear are extremely powerful, especially when you constantly upgrade them.

• Another part of the Gear menu you need to pay attention to is the “Sponsorship” portion. When you collect a piece of gear tied to a collection (“Sting Bee,” “WideStep,” “SharkJaw,” and “MegaPunch” are those collections), you’ll begin to fill its equipment “Collection List.”

• Collect all the items within a set and you’ll be gifted with a special bonus item! Note – you don’t need to keep the actual item within your inventory in order for it stay registered within a Collection List. The first time you get a piece of gear, it’s registered forever within a Collection List. So don’t be afraid of sacrificing a piece of gear for your upgrading purposes.


Boxing Star Game

Four Thirty Three

• Becoming a social butterfly in Boxing Star helps you attain plenty of Gold. You’ll be able to share screenshots of your best victories and also connect your account to Facebook to gain extra Gold. And make sure you add a whole bunch of friends and win “Promotor Matches” so you can earn extra S-Coins.

• S-Coins help you purchase new types of “Swank” from the “Management” tab – Swank comes in the form of a “Crib,” “Wheels,” and an “Entourage.” Cribs help you acquire extra Coins, Wheels reduce the wait time needed to open Delivery Packages, and having an Entourage gifts you with one Bonus per day.

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