Pokemon Go Halloween 2018 Special Research Quest Guide

pokemon go halloween 2018 special research


Pokémon Go Halloween 2018 has its own Special Research quest, “A Spooky Message.”

The Special Research has three different steps. Your progress can be accessed in the “Special” section of the research task menu. The Special Research functions just like the ones for Mew and Celebi, where you complete three Research Tasks to move on to the next step until you get the final reward.

With that out of the way, here is a step-by-step guide on how to complete the Pokémon Go Halloween 2018 Special Research quest.

Note: This guide will be updated as more details are released.

Quest 1 of 3

  • Catch 10 Ghost-type Pokémon – Reward: Duskull
  • Make eight Great Throws – Reward: 1,080 XP
  • Use 108 Berries to help catch Pokémon – Reward: Lickitung

    Completion Reward: 10 PokeBalls, 1,080 Stardust and eight Silver Pinap Berries


    Quest 2 of 3

  • Catch 10 Dark-type Pokémon – Reward: Misdreavus
  • Spin eight PokeStops you haven’t visited before – Reward: 1,080 XP
  • Catch 108 Pokémon – Reward: Spiritomb

    Completion Reward: 10 PokeBalls, 1,080 Stardust and eight Silver Pinap Berries


    Quest 3 of 3

    There are no quests for this step. You just click on the three “Claim Reward” bars to get 1,080 XP each. Then you can claim the completion reward.


    Completion Reward: 18 Spiritomb Candies and 1,080 Stardust

    Tips for the Quest

    Note that the main reward of the quest, Spiritomb, is earned by completing the third task in the second step of the quest. It’s not like the quests for Mew and Celebi where you encounter the Pokemon during the last step. You just get 4,320 XP and 18 Spiritomb Candies in the last step as there are no more tasks.

    You’ll be able to catch plenty of ghost- and dark-type Pokémon as the Halloween events usually up the encounter rate for those types of Pokémon. In fact, Niantic is adding new Sinnoh region ghost- and dark-type Pokémon like Drifloon and Stunky, according to a blog post. Make sure you’re constantly spinning PokeStops for Berries and PokeBalls.

    For the task of feeding 108 Berries to Pokemon, you don’t need to use up a PokeBall by catching a Pokemon after feeding them. You can just use a Berry on them and run away and it will still count towards the quest. However, you can’t then encounter the same Pokemon again and feed it another Berry. You have to attempt to catch it with a PokeBall before you feed it another berry. Thanks to Reddit User venanciofilho for the tip.

    Here’s a graphic from Reddit User MatterGuy98 to better visualize the quest:

    New Field Research tasks were also added for the Halloween 2018 event. For a full list of tasks and their rewards, click here.

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