How to Unlock Ana’s Bastet Skin in Overwatch

overwatch ana bastet skin

To celebrate the new Overwatch short story about everyone’s favorite support, Ana, Blizzard has introduced a limited time mini-event. Tied specifically to Ana, players can now complete a very easy challenge to unlock the new Baset skin.

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In order to get Ana’s Bastet skin, players will need to win 9 matches before January 21. The matches you win can either be in Arcade, Quickplay, or Competitive, so it shouldn’t take a lot of time. Obviously, Quickplay and Arcade will be the fastest methods since those games go by rather quickly. Additionally, users will earn a special Player Icon when you win 3 games and a victory pose upon 6 victories.

Blizzard is also giving out special sprays for those who watch specific streamers for 2, 4, and 6 hours. In order to participate in this step, you will need to link your account to Twitch, otherwise, any time spent on those channels will not count towards your progress. You can find the full list of eligible streamers, along with the times they go live, here.

Remember, this is a limited time event, so if you really want this skin we recommend getting your 9 wins out of the way early. There has been no word on if the Bastet skin will be available after January 21.

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