How Long & How Many Missions Are in RAGE 2

RAGE 2 How Long

RAGE 2 is the latest single player FPS title to release and it’s full of bloody, wacky chaos. Boasting a ton of optional activities, a large world, and a plethora of collectibles, there’s a lot to do in this title. Yet, with no multiplayer component, one has to wonder how much content RAGE 2 actually offers users.

If you are looking to just play the campaign, it should take around 10-12 hours to beat RAGE 2 on the normal difficulty setting. There are only 8 missions, but you will need to get to level 5 with each of three factions. This is done by completing side activities, almost all of which reward a generous amount of XP. If you want to open up all the Arks then that’s an additional hour or two depending on your skill level and vehicle of choice.

However, if you want to finish everything in RAGE 2 then you’re looking at 30-40 hours of content. This game has an absurd amount of side missions and activities to participate in, all of which are playable after you finish the main campaign. There are also a ton of vehicles and weapons to unlock, along with lore Data Pads to collect.

Additionally, this is a pretty easy game to obtain all the trophies/achievements for, which will give you a few more hours of content. Finally, if you’re bored with the main game, you can always enable one of the many cheat codes to significantly boost your power level. We suspect that the average player will get anywhere between 25-30 hours out of RAGE 2, assuming they do some of the side missions and collect all the guns/abilities.

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