How to Make the Thousand Layer Cookie in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Thousand Layer Cookie

There are a lot of people in Destiny 2 who deserve gifts, Riven, of a Thousand Voices is not one of them. For whatever reason, Eva thinks it’s a great idea to give a giant, manipulative monster some cookies. Regardless of your stance on feeling a raid boss snacks, one of the new recipes in The Dawning event is for the Thousand Layer Cookie. While making this cookie is rather easy, getting it to Riven will take a little extra work. Thankfully, you won’t need a full fireteam to feed this monster her snacks.

To make the Thousand Layer Cookie, you will need 1 Taken Butter, 1 Delicious Explosion, and 15 Essence of Dawning. You can obtain Taken Butter by killing Taken anywhere in the game, regardless of what activity you are playing. One of the best places to farm Taken is the various Lost Sectors on Io and the Rheasilvia Lost Sector in The Dreaming City.

For Delicious Explosion, you can only obtain this ingredient by killing enemies with grenades. grenade launchers, or rocket launchers. Every time you land a final blow with one of these items you have a chance to earn a stack of Delicious Explosion. This makes weapons like The Mountaintop and Fighting Lion perfect for farming this material. Essence of Dawning is the easiest to obtain since you are awarded it for simply completing activities throughout the game.

Once you put all these ingredients in the oven and make a Thousand Layer Cookie, you will need to give it to Riven. This boss is located in the Last Wish raid on the Dreaming City and can be accessed early via the Wishing Wall. When you arrive, go to the wall and input the code listed here to be whisked away to Riven’s boss room.

Now stand on a plate and drop down, but do not go into any of the big rooms on either side of this foe. Instead, interact with the tony snowglobe in the middle of the platform you land on to offer the gift to Riven and receive some extra loot!

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