How to Earn the Almighty Title in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Almighty Title

Destiny 2’s Season of the Undying has officially launched, so that means there’s a new title for players to earn. Similar to Savior or Undying, the Almighty title is only available during Season 9. Thankfully, this is the easiest one to get so far and it will just require some extra grinding on your part. With a lack of Ritual Weapons or a seasonal badge, you don’t even need to collect all the gear! This means, if you don’t have a title unlocked then you should consider going for Almighty. It’s by far the easiest, especially if you have a few friends to drag along with you.

Keep in mind you will not be able to complete this badge until the Io bunker is available. This happens on April 7, so you’ll need to wait until then. Additionally, Trials of Osiris is not tied to the season and has its own title. If you want the Flawless seal then make sure to check out our guide on obtaining that.

1. Upgrade All Three Bunkers

Destiny 2 Warmind Bits Chipsets

The first step and most time consuming is upgrading all three bunkers. This means you have to dump enough Warmind Bits to rank up each bunker to Level 7. This is a lengthy process, so make sure to complete the Daily Bunker Bounties for Warmind Bits. You’ll need to amass a ton of bits to fully upgrade all three, so make sure to always get the Tier I and Tier III Cost Reduction upgrades first. It will save you a lot of time in the long run and should be your first priority.

Additionally, use all three of your characters to farm Bunker Bounties. Excluding Weeklies and any additional ones, you can earn 600 Warmind Bits a day from completing the rotating dailies on every character. It’s a superb way to quickly amass a lot of this seasonal currency and save you some time. Once all three bunkers are upgraded to level 7 then this triumph will unlock.

2. Clear All Three Bunkers in a Day

Destiny 2 Almighty Title

Another relatively easy step, all you have to do is clear all the enemies out of the three bunkers in a single day. Every daily reset (1 pm ET), enemies will flood the bunker, making weapon bounties inaccessible. To acquire these bounties you’ll need to enter the bunker and kill whatever lurks inside. It’s extremely simple, even with the addition of Barrier, Overload, and Unstoppable Champions. Just make sure to have the right mods equipped and you can easily solo all three with little issue.

3. Finish All Nine Legendary Lost Sectors

This is where things get a little difficult, as you’ll need to clear all nine Legendary Lost Sectors. Broken up across three individual triumphs based on their location, for this title you have to beat them all. This means, fighting your way to the end, killing the boss, and opening the chest. You do not need to slay everything in the Lost Sector, but some may require this to even progress through the rooms.

Set at Light Level 1,000, this will be quite tricky for anyone just starting out. Thankfully, you have all season so don’t feel as if you need to tackle them right now. Besides, only the EDZ Lost Sectors are available at the time of writing this. You’ll need to wait for the Moon and Io to unlock later in the season. Before tackling a Legendary Lost Sector, make sure to check what Champions are there so you can bring the right gear.

Additionally, if you get the Heavy Frame Tier 3 upgrade then you can spawn one of those massive Rasputin mechs in a Lost Sector. There’s no limit to how many times you call it, so make sure to keep summoning it during a fight. Additionally, bring a few friends to help you since it will make dealing with the Champions much easier. They’re by far the toughest enemies, so coordinate and take them down with burst damage weapons such as Izanagi’s Burden.

4. Flawless a Legendary Lost Sector

Destiny 2 Season of the Worthy Artifact

Speaking of Lost Sectors, for this step you’ll need to beat one without dying. This is easier said than done since these foes hit very hard. We suggest tackling this near the end of the season when you’re well over 1,000 Light. Not only will this keep you alive, but it will make taking down the Champions way easier. Since there’s no time limit for this challenge, just take your time and pick off any enemies from afar. Eriana’s Vow is perfect for this since it will typically kill any enemy in one shot to the head.

5. Complete a Seraph Tower Public Event Without Failing a Charge Cycle

Destiny 2 Lumina Catalyst Farm

For whatever reason, this triumph is not listed but is required for the Almighty title. For this step, you’ll need to finish a Seraph Tower event without failing a single charge cycle. This means every time a tower spits out the orange balls it has to be the maximum amount each time. Far and away the hardest part of the title, as you’ll be relying on your teammates to help keep the plates clear.

If enemies are on the plate, they will delay the charge and potentially ruin your attempt at this triumph. For now, do not attempt this until you have a full fireteam and if you get the enemy waves that don’t contain the invisible Vandals. These enemies are much harder to see and can easily slip past your defenses. Focus solely on killing enemies and with a bit of luck, you should unlock this. Again, we recommend tackling this in a couple of weeks once everyone has a better handle on how the event works.

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