Where to Kick a Soccer Ball 100 Meters in Fortnite: All Locations

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For this week’s Fortnite challenges, handed out this time by Mr. Meowscles, players are being asked to kick a soccer ball 100 meters.

While that might not exactly be too difficult of a feat to accomplish, it’s actually quite hard to do if players don’t know where the soccer balls spawn in the first place.

Of course, longtime players have a good idea of where to find a soccer ball, but some of the new players might not know where to go.

Luckily for everybody, we have you covered. Here’s where to go if you’re trying to knock this challenge out in a hurry.

Soccer Ball Locations in Fortnite

soccer ball locations in fortnite

Kick a soccer ball at these spots. Epic Games

When people think of soccer in Fortnite, it’s highly likely that the first spot that comes to mind is the field that can be found at Pleasant Park.

Although the area has become a spot where the helicopters spawn in, it still has a soccer ball that can be found there. Because of this being the most well-known spot, expect a lot of resistance there for those looking to complete this challenge.

Because of this, it’s almost recommended to try and get it done in Team Rumble, or to wait a week or so entirely. Of course, it is possible you can get lucky and kick it without running into any enemies.

As an alternative, players can also head to the top of a mountain that’s found in the E3 quadrant, just northwest of Frenzy Farm.

Here, you can absolutely boot the ball off the top of the mountain, causing it to travel a long distance. Doing it this way could possibly finish the challenge for you in one go-around, perhaps making it the most effective way to get this done.

There’s a chance that more soccer balls can be found across the map, but these are two of the ones we were able to come around. If you find some more on your own, make sure you share them with your fellow players!

Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 2 is out now.