How to Beat & Stun Nemesis in Resident Evil 3 Remake

Resident Evil 3 Stun Nemesis

As you play through the Resident Evil 3 remake you’ll be stalked by the terrifying bioweapon, Nemesis. Boasting multiple ranged attacks and incredible speed, Nemesis is a difficult foe to bring down. You’ll face this enemy multiple times, but this guide will focus on your initial confrontation with him. This is when he’s at his most terrifying as your resources will be low and Nemesis can follow you virtually anywhere. Thankfully, he can be stunned which not only gives you an escape route but will reward you with a rare piece of loot.

After you turn on the electricity, Nemesis will appear and begin to chase after you. Run towards the garage via the alleyway, but make sure to shoot the generator along the wall to stun him. The electricity temporarily halts him, allowing you to put a few shotgun rounds into his chest. Don’t hang around though, as you’ll want to quickly turn around and head towards the Safe Room you found the bolt cutters in.

Save your game and head back outside towards the main road. Nemesis will leap onto the street. Nemesis will typically do one of two attacks from here, so be prepared to either run if this brute charges you or dodge if he launches a tentacle. The latter will drag you towards him, so if it happens get up and try to distance yourself from him.

Your goal should be to take Nemesis down with grenades, as these deal a lot of damage and will knock away any zombies near him. If you’re on a higher difficulty, you’ll need to fire a few more shots to bring him to his knees. Once he falls to his knees, grab the case he drops and run for the subway control room. If you make it to the control room, he won’t follow you inside and will only appear after you exit the Donut Shop.

Thankfully, you can actually cheese this Nemesis fight a bit, by ducking in and out of the donut shop Safe Room.  He won’t leave the main restaurant, so you can keep peeking from the Safe Room to shoot him a few times before backing off. Nemesis can’t chase you inside, so you can keep dancing between the seating area and the safe room until he’s down. It’s not exactly honorable, but it makes dealing with him much easier on harder difficulties.

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