Jedi Fallen Order May 4th Update: New Game Plus, Challenges, & More

Cal Kestis and an Inquisitor in Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

EA / Respawn

May the Fourth be with you, Jedi Fallen Order fans. The single-player Star Wars action-adventure game represents a lone bright spot for the relationship between Electronic Arts and Star Wars, after the partnership was marred by disastrous releases for two separate Battlefront titles. It was somewhat salvaged thanks to consistent updates to Battlefront 2.

Jedi Fallen Order released at the end of 2019 to widespread acclaim for its diverse and intuitive combat system, its Metroid-like exploration and advancement, and its story.

As fans of Star Wars are experiencing May the Fourth, a global celebration of the iconic franchise, EA and Respawn are treating fans of Fallen Order to its biggest update yet. The new update includes the addition of New Game Plus, new challenges, new cosmetics, and other tools and options.

New Game Plus Comes to Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order

The addition of New Game Plus serves as the most pivotal aspect of the latest update. Players who have already completed the story on any difficulty will be able to start New Game Plus from the main menu.

Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order main menu

The first addition players will notice is the ability to use any previously unlocked cosmetics from other completed saves. This includes ponchos, outfits, and after completing the introduction and arriving on Bogano, lightsaber colors and hilts.

One of these new sets is the Inquisitor Cal set, which includes an Imperial-inspired outfit for the protagonist as well as the iconic red lightsaber color donned by those who pursue the Dark Side of the Force. Cal could previously be seen wearing this outfit in a vision during the game’s story, and players can now sport the Sith look full-time.

Inquisitor Cal Kestis in Jedi Fallen Order

EA / Respawn

Upon first meditation, when players can typically regenerate their health, unlock new skills, and respawn enemies, they can now also access the new meditation challenges.

Meditation: Combat Challenges and the Battle Grid

Within Meditation Training, players can try their hand at different Combat Challenges. These challenges will pit Cal against waves of different enemies and bosses across the numerous planets in the game. Defeating these challenges with certain ratings will unlock new cosmetics items for Cal’s droid companion, BD-1. They are only available in the New Game Plus mode.

Meditation Challenges in Jedi Fallen Order

EA / Respawn

When playing Combat Challenges, you play with your current character’s skill set, meaning achieving the maximum rating in each challenge might prove difficult until you’ve leveled up Cal. There are 12 challenges in total, across locations like Kashyyyk, Bogano, and other notable locations you’ve visited in the story. Survive the many waves in a given location, and you’ll receive a point. Survive without healing yourself and you’ll receive two, and survive without taking any damage to receive three. Earn 12 total to unlock a new BD-1 skin.

In addition to the pre-made challenges, players also have access to the Battle Grid, which lets players customize their own unique challenges with a variety of enemies, locations, and bosses.

Battle Grid mode in Jedi Fallen Order

Fans of the game are hoping for even more content in the future, in either the form of story expansions or even a full sequel. Job listings from EA and Respawn indicate that the developer and publisher combo are indeed exploring the concept of more Jedi Fallen Order content soon.

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