Fortnite Season 3 Leak Reveals New Gun & Map Flood

fortnite season 3 map flood

Epic Games

As we approach the start of Fortnite Season 3, more and more details surrounding it are beginning to trickle out.

On June 1, the PlayStation Store made the mistake of releasing a Season 3 banner that has led many players to believe the map will actually flood.

Following this blunder, leakers have now essentially confirmed that fact while also saying the water will be here to stay.

Instead of just disappearing following the Doomsday Event, it sounds like the water level will actually begin to lower over the course of the season.

If that’s true, it will likely end up being one of the most interesting seasons we’ve ever seen in Fortnite, and it’ll definitely be important to keep an eye on how Epic balances all of the new water mechanics.

Let’s take a look at what the new leaks have revealed.

The Map Will Flood and a Flare Gun is Coming

In the Chapter 2 promotional period, you might remember seeing a flare gun show up but never actually enter the game.

According to reliable leaker Shiina, the flare gun will be a new weapon beginning in Season 3, but we don’t yet know how the weapon will actually perform or if it’ll even deal damage.

Another interesting fact that was revealed is how the water will begin to evaporate over time. This means that the season will start with a full-blown flood. We’re not entirely sure how the game will work under those conditions, but we expect boats to play a big role.

The Chapter 2 map featured more water than ever before and it’s looking like Season 3 will be completely doubling down on that.

What’s Under the Flood?

Shiina points out that as the water level goes down, there will be more land to stand on, but what exactly does that mean?

The start of a new season is always where we see the biggest map changes, and this sounds like it’ll be the craziest yet. As the map begins to reveal more of itself, if the leaks are true, then we’d like to see brand-new locations under it all.

We still don’t have a good idea of what is actually down there, and it sounds like we won’t find out until the season progresses.

Fortnite Season 3 begins June 11 on all platforms.

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