Agent Jonesy Has Been Dropping Fortnite Hints All Season Long

fortnite agent jonesy season 5

Epic Games

Right in front of our eyes, Jonesy has been dropping more and more hints about the current Fortnite season and we were just too blind to see it for ourselves.

As you know, Jonesy has spent the majority of this season rounding up hunters from all sorts of universes, and while the focus has mostly been on that, he’s been working behind the scenes himself.

In the latest crossover trailer, we get a good look at Agent Jonesy himself and he’s looking extremely different than how he did at the start of the season. Now, he has been to all sorts of universes, and that has a toll on somebody, but he’s picked up all sorts of souvenirs along the way.

As we head into March, Jonesy is gearing up for the home stretch and we have a few theories.

Jonesy is a New Man

Thanks to Reddit user Im_Driving_A_Car, we have a clear look at everything Jonesy is wearing now.

It features everything from Daryl’s quiver, Ryu’s headband and a tattoo from Snake Eyes. While Jonesy has been gathering hunters to help out with getting the Zero Point under control, it’s looking he’s been quietly preparing for war himself.

With so many Jonesy skins and variations in Fortnite already, who’s to say we can’t get this as a skin at some point? Maybe Jonesy could even end up being the final hunter himself considering he’s gone through all of this already.

He definitely looks the part, so here’s hoping he’ll be available to us.

Who is the Last Hunter?

We’re now down to just one more teaser and it’s Ant Farm. This could mean a variety of things, with the most logical option pointing towards Ant-Man, but we’ve said before that it feels like the time for that crossover has come and gone.

Fortnite Season 4 featured an entire Marvel theme and even had an Ant-Man location during it, so he should have come then if he was going to. There’s nothing stopping Epic from releasing him now as we’ve seen characters like Black Panther and Captain Marvel come later on.

Another option is that Jonesy himself is the next hunter, and that would prove to be an exciting bookend to the season. It’s looking like he’ll be joining us in the war against whatever the threat is, which leads us to our next dilemma.

fortnite batman comic book

Epic Games / DC ComicsBatman is tying into the Fortnite universe.

Season 5 concludes in mid-March and it’s not really looking like we know how things are going to wrap up. If this season is really about to have a conclusion, things will need to speed up pretty fast.

Something else the developers could decide to do is keep the Zero Point exposed into Season 6, which would be a strange decision, but the announcement of the new Batman comic could end up being a hint.

The only issue is that will leave us without a live event, which doesn’t seem to be something that Epic does very often, so there will likely be some sort of conclusion to the season, even if the Zero Point sticks around in the future.

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