Fortnite C4 Could Return This Season, But With Big Changes

fortnite chapter 3 c4

Epic Games

With so many old favorites returning to Fortnite such as the Grenade Launcher and Tilted Towers, why not get some other items in on the fun?

It looks like Epic is planning to do just that, and if Chapter 3 can be the catalyst for one of the most famed POIs coming back, then it can be just about anything.

With vehicles being a big part of the game now, it makes sense to have some counters to them outside of just shooting them with your gun. Cars go down quickly when getting focused, but what if there was a way to do even more damage at once?

As it turns out, it seems like Epic has an answer to that and it’s C4. Like the Grenade Launcher before it, this won’t be the C4 you remember either. Instead, it has a change built into it that will make it an excellent car killer.

C4 Gets a Big Buff

If Epic does plan on bringing the C4 back to the game, it’ll be back with a buff of 500 damage to vehicles, according to Fortnite leaker HYPEX. When C4 first launched, vehicles weren’t even a thing, so it makes sense the developers would tweak them in this way.

The Whiplash only has 800 health on its own, so two C4 detonations would take it completely out of the picture. Part of the fun of C4, especially in other games like Battlefield, is setting down traps with it and waiting for cars to run it over.

Something like that could definitely be done in Fortnite if C4 is added again, and we’d love to have the chance to do that. With the tweak happening behind the scenes like this, it does appear like Epic has plans in the future of releasing it again.

While C4 might be used defensively against a car, it could also be used as an offensive weapon if you’re feeling spicy.

Create Your Own Bomb

fortnite the last laugh c4

Epic GamesThat’s a lot of explosives.

Taking again from the spirit of Battlefield, you could load up your own vehicle with C4 and drive it straight into a squad. Your rolling bomb could then be detonated once you bail out and get free of the blast zone. Hopping out of a car while it’s moving doesn’t damage you and the car continues to move forward as well.

Of course this 500 damage to vehicles only applies to the vehicles, but you can blow up the car with it which would cause damage on its own and light the surrounding areas on fire.

There’s a lot of mayhem that can be caused with a stick or two of C4, so we’ll just have to wait and see if Epic does indeed have plans of bringing it back. Something else the explosive item has always been good for is wiping out opponent’s structures. If you ever see a build battle taking place, a few sticks of well-placed C4 can put a swift end to that and reward you with a few eliminations in the process.

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