Fortnite Finally Opens the Catty Corner Vault Door

fortnite catty corner vault

Epic Games

It may have taken forever, but the massive door around Catty Corner has been opened up in Fortnite, so there’s a brand new area of the map for players to explore.

Previously, fans thought The Grotto would be coming back because each update seemed to drop the water level, but Epic pulled the carpet out from under fans and opened up the giant door.

Fans didn’t think it would ever happen, and that’s a fair assumption considering the door has been sealed for a very, very long time now. However, Batman cracked open the unbreakable bunker, so pretty much anything is possible.

Where to Find the Door

fortnite catty corner vault opened

Epic GamesThe vault is open.

Since this is a new area, you might be interested in knowing where to find it on the map. You can find it near Catty Corner, and the exact location is indicated by the red dot on the map above.

You will be running into a lot of resistance here because it’s another new POI on the map, joining the new Cube town that’s located in the center of the map. It may have taken a while, but new areas to explore in Fortnite have finally arrived.

As for what’s in here, it’s a bit different than your typical POI. You’ll be running into a lot of NPCs here, similar to the base under Corny Complex last season that had Doctor Slone. This means that you can get sent back to the lobby by real people and by strong NPCs, so it’s something to be aware of before you drop here.

The two year wait for this door to open might not have been worth it for all of you, but it’s still cool to see them add this location. It doesn’t have a name, so you might not run into as many people as you would if it were named, but people have been waiting a while for this to open up.

Another IO Base

fortnite cosmic chests scrapped features

Epic Games

Since this is another IO base in the map, it indicates that Doctor Slone and the rest of the IO are nowhere close to being done with the island.

After she defeated the aliens from last season, some might have thought she’d leave and go somewhere else, but this was just a ploy to make the island safe for not only the inhabitants, but herself too.

It’s a dangerous spot to be because you’ll just be running into Doctor Slone pretty much as soon as you enter, but if you do manage to eliminate her, you’ll come away with a Mythic Assault Rifle, which is among the strongest weapons in the whole game.

You’re just going to have to decide whether it’s worth risking your life for the new gun or not. At the very least, it’s a new area to explore, so you have that going for you. This could end up being a decent drop spot if you’re able to clear out the whole area. It might be best to loot Catty Corner up before heading over because going over without heals or shields will be a death sentence.

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