New Fortnite Grenade Launcher Tricks Let You Dominate Lobbies

fortnite grenade launcher

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If you haven’t played Fortnite since the latest update, you might want to get your game all up to date so you can experience all of the new stuff Epic has added into their hit battle royale game.

Tilted Towers is back, Klombos are here, and tents are nerfed. It was a very big update, so you’ll definitely want to get in there and see how things feel now.

Another massive change is the return of the Grenade Launcher, but it’s the one you know and love from Chapter 2 and earlier. Instead, this one explodes quickly after the first bounce and does significantly less damage. This means you’ll be able to push opponents quicker and you won’t have to worry about angling your shots as much anymore.

The end result is a very powerful weapon, which is likely why it’s so hard to find ammo for it in the game. Let’s take a look at how this gun now works.

New and Improved

A video from Reddit user RX-79-G, using the Boba Fett skin for good measure, just shows off how strong this weapon now is. You can let the bombs rain from a distance with near-perfect accuracy, and unless the person is constantly building defenses they don’t have much of a chance.

With the old Grenade Launcher, players would be able to get away or build up their defenses in a hurry and take no damage. That’s not even mentioning how accurate you’d need to be the shots in the past.

With that said, you can’t just let the shots go without looking because there is a bit of skill involved. The Grenade Launcher can even be strong while you’re in a box being pushed by another player. A video by SypherPK showcases how you can actually bounce the shot off a wall and deal damage.

Try This Out

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In the video, Sypher shows where you’ll need to aim if you’re inside of a box if you want to bounce it through an opening. Around the 8:30 mark, he shows that you want to basically aim three bricks or pieces of wood down from the top of the wall for maximum damage.

It’ll obviously take a bit of practice, but it looks like it’ll be something worth learning. In the same video, he shows how you can use the gun to even get inside of a person’s box with ease. You’ll need to have more than a Grenade Launcher if you want to eliminate somebody once you jump in, but it just goes to show there are many different ways you can utilize the new gun.

This will likely be hanging around until the end of Season 1, so you have plenty of time to get used to the new Grenade Launcher, so consider picking it up next game and learning a bit about how it works. It’ll definitely be a gun that’s worth carrying and it might even lead you to your next Victory Royale.

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