Ghostbusters Coming Back to Fortnite & Not Just as Skins

fortnite ghostbusters npcs

Epic Games

It’s almost spooky season, and like pretty much every other video game under the sun, Fortnite will be getting into a scary mood.

While Epic doesn’t tend to lean all the way into the horror aspect like some other games do, there are still some creepy things to look forward to in October for Fortnite fans.

The main draw is Fortnitemares, the annual Halloween event in the game that comes with all sorts of spooky skins to buy, but it looks like there will be some extra things to look forward to this season too.

While the Ghostbusters have already been on the island in the past, and there’s even still some evidence of them, it looks like they’ll be coming back to the game. The skins will more than likely see another return, but it looks like it’ll be a little more involved than that.

Ghostbusters NPCs

It hasn’t been explicitly announced by Epic themselves, but a leak from Fortnite leaker FireMonkey indicates that Ghostbusters NPCs will come to the island at some point during this season.

We know this because the dialogue for them leaked following the v18.10 update, which would point toward this happening in the near future. Obviously, October makes a lot of sense for them to show up since it’s all about Halloween that month.

For whatever reason, when the Ghostbusters skins did release, they weren’t any of the characters from the movies, but they were instead just your typical Fortnite model wearing the suits.

Perhaps there’s still a chance to get somebody like Bill Murray in Fortnite, and that used to be something that would sound crazy, but these days it feels like just about anything is possible in this game.

With us on the eve of October at the time of this writing, it’s seeming like these characters could show up on the island at any moment.

Tis the Season

It looks like Fortnite is getting into the festive mood already and we’re not even in October yet. To be fair, this is a very popular time of year and we can’t really fault anybody for wanting to celebrate.

In the coming days, we’ll likely start to see some Halloween decorations go up in some of the populated areas of the map with homes such as Pleasant Park. This is something we’ve seen over the years, so there’s really no reason to expect a change at this point.

What we’re most excited for is the return of Fortnitemares skin because these are easily some of the best styles that get released in Fortnite. We’d like to see the return of old favorites like the Ghostbusters styles, but we’d also like to see some new ones come out.

We might have already gotten our first look at some of them, but there will almost certainly be some more we can get our hands. Perhaps this will finally be the time we can wear a Shadow Midas skin instead of fighting against him over and over.

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