Fortnite Collabs With Another League of Legends Skin

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While the collaborations haven’t completely stopped in Fortnite Chapter 3, the rate they’ve been coming out has slowed down significantly.

All the way to the end of Chapter 2, it felt like we were getting a new licensed character each week, but Chapter 3 has taken us back to our roots. This has resulted in more original characters, but we’ve still seen a variety of Spider-Man styles, Boba Fett and a few others, so they never completely went away.

One of the new characters we saw last chapter was Jinx from League of Legends. This character was actually added because of the hit Netflix show Arcane, and now it’s looking like another character from the show will be making an appearance in Fortnite.

Vi Coming to Fortnite

While Jinx might’ve gotten a lot of the spotlight in Arcane, it was also a story about her older sister, Vi, somebody who is also a popular LoL character in her own right. This means the Vi will be reunited with her sister, and there are even more skins they could bring over if they want.

She’ll have her own bundle to come with the skin, and you can see the whole set in the above tweet from HYPEX.

We don’t have release plans for the skin bundle as of yet, but since we have a glimpse at what everything will look at due to a leak, we have to imagine it won’t be very long for it to release.

Arcane Season 2 is nowhere in sight, so they definitely aren’t going to be waiting for that, so we’ll more than likely be seeing this drop into Fortnite in the coming days.

Since League is a massive game, Epic could possibly pluck some other skins from the vast roster instead of ones that are tied directly into Arcane. This would mean names like Draven, Graves, Blitzcrank, etc. could all possibly see their day in Fortnite. Ok, probably not Blitz but you get the point.

Lots of Hidden Skins

As part of the v19.10 update, we got an early look at many hidden skins, but there are still more we don’t know about.

According to a leak from ShiinaBR, there are still a variety of files that are still hidden and we’re waiting on Epic to unveil them.

That means there are currently AT LEAST 4-5 encrypted skins in the files (Arcane Vi, the Crew Pack & others), and most likely some emotes,” he said.

These usually are skins or cosmetics that Epic is saving for a special occasion, so it’s usually something worth waiting for. Of course, we do know that one of them is Vi, but there are still some more surprises that we could be waiting on.

With the new update only coming out on Tuesday, we still have at least a week before the next patch, so Fortnite could be releasing these daily until then, or they could be hanging back for another event or something.

Like many things when it comes to Epic Games, only time will tell.

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