5 Project Makeover Tips & Tricks You Need to Know

Project Makeover has a whole bunch of folks who need the Midas Touch when it comes to rebooting their fashion sense.

You’ll need to push all of your clients towards looking their best and living in the spiffiest digs possible. And the only to do that is by solving a wealth of match-three puzzles, racking up tons of coins, and spending those coins on completing all of your makeover goals. We’ve spent hours making matches and helping our clients get a new lease on life. And now we’re here to make sure you do the same. With our assistance, you’ll become a match-three puzzler master and become the top mobile stylist in town.

Here are the top five tips, tricks, and cheats you need to know for Project Makeover:

Download Project Makeover from Google Play here.

1. Wait a Few Seconds for the Game to Make Available Matches Visible to You

Project Makeover’s puzzle sections are of the usual match-three variety. During all of your turns, you should hang back for a few seconds before you attempt your next match. The game has a habit of making available matches visible to you that results in a simple three-piece match or a match that helps form a powerup piece.

• Sometimes, it’s worth taking advantage of those three-piece matches. But you should always consider going for a powerup piece match over those simple match types. You never want to waste your turn on a three-piece match unless it helps you get closer to reaching your goal. You’ll fulfill your objective much quicker and easier with the help of the game’s super helpful match recommendations and your very own matches that create powerup pieces on the regular.

2. Put Those Powerup Pieces to Good Use

Project Makeover Game

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• As we mentioned beforehand, the game’s powerup pieces will get you out of a bind at all times. You’ll want to make sure you remember how to create each one, which is why we’re here to help. Match four pieces in a square formation and you’ll create a small bomb that clears a bunch of other pieces in its vicinity. Match four pieces in a horizontal/vertical line formation and you’ll create a firework that’ll go off in the direction it’s pointing in to clear a row/column. Match five pieces in a T or L formation to create a big bomb, which has an even bigger piece clearing explosion radius. And match five pieces in a straight line to get a rainbow, which clears off all of the pieces on the board that that rainbow powerup was initially matched up with.

• The best matches you can create in Project Makeover are powerup piece matches. Try to create situations where those powerup pieces end up next to each other at some point or another. Once you’ve done that, take advantage of the stage clearing awesomeness that ensues every time you match those powerup pieces together. It’s always amazing to witness the magic that happens when you match a big bomb with a rainbow piece, which places those bombs all over the stage and clears a ton of pieces/obstacles in one fell swoop. Try out all of the different powerup piece matches you can find and you’ll have no problem getting past the game’s even tougher stages.

3. And Be Sure to Leave a Few Powerup Pieces Over Once You Reach Your Current Stage Goal

• Whenever you find yourself in a situation where you’re about to clear a stage with your next few turns, go ahead and create some powerup pieces with a few of the turns you have left. Leave those pieces where they are, then go ahead and create the matches needed to complete the stage at hand.

• Once you’ve done that, the leftover powerup pieces will go off on their own and help you earn even more cash as a stage completion reward. The game even goes out of its way to create big matches for you that create even more powerup pieces for you that go off, which leads to you earning plenty more cash. Just make sure you leave a few of those powerup pieces on the stage whenever you have a wealth of turns to take advantage of to create them.

4. If You Screw Up The First Time, Take One or All of Your Pre-Stage Selectable Boosters With You During Your Retry

• As you progress deeper into Project Makeover, you’ll unlock boosters that you can choose to bring with you before the stage begins. You should save one or even all of these boosters whenever you fail at your first puzzle completion attempt.

• You should have a clearer understanding of how to tackle a tough stage the second time around, plus the use of those pre-match selectable boosters will make your next attempt that much easier to handle. The same goes for those boosters that can be chosen during active gameplay. Throw them onto the board whenever you’re down to five turns or less during your next stage retry. Booster pieces should always be relied upon as an extra bit of help during your repeated stage attempts.

5. Your Gems Should Only Be Spent on Replenishing Your Boosters

• As soon as you start up Project Makeover, take advantage of the offers at the game start screen that award you with 600 free gems. Gems can be used to earn five extra turns after a stage playthrough failure and replenish your two types of boosters.

• Never waste your gems on getting those extra turns – you should only put your rare gems towards getting even more booster pieces. You’ll quickly discover that those five extra turns may not get you the stage completion victory you’re seeking every time, but buying some more booster pieces to utilize will help you get a win more often than not.

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