Sgt. Gregory McQueen: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Sgt. Gregory McQueen

According to USA Today, Sgt. 1st Class Gregory McQueen has been named as a suspect behind running a small-time prostitution ring and for the sexual assault of another soldier. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Sgt. Gregory McQueen is a Sexual Abuse Educator at Fort Hood in Texas

McQueen works as a sexual harassment/assault response and prevention coordinator at Fort Hood in Texas, but has been suspended from his duties since the allegations.

2. It’s Believed That McQueen Ran a Prostitution Ring

The 37-year-old sexual harassment educator is accused of running a small-time prostitution ring. According to a senior defense official and Capitol Hill staffer, investigators believe McQueen persuaded a female private first class to become a prostitute and sell sex to other service members. The ring grew, but not by much until he was caught.

3. A Woman Claims He Tried to Recruit Her

Gregory McQueen

McQueen allegedly attempted to persuade another female private first class to become a prostitute, but she refused. After sexually assaulting the private, she reported the attack to military officials.

4. He Has Not Been Charged

The sergeant has yet to be charged for the crime. When contacted by telephone, McQueen told USA Today that he had “no comment.”

5. It’s the Latest in a String Military Sex-Abuse Scandals

Just over a week ago, Air Force’s chief of sexual assault prevention Lt. Col. Jeffrey Krusinski was arrested and charged with sexual battery. The number of reported sexual assaults in the military has been disturbingly increasing. The numbers increased by six percent, from 3,192 in 2011 to 3,374 in 2012.