Major General Harold Greene: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Major General Harold Greene Dead

Major General Harold Greene, known as Harry to his friends, has been identified as the high-ranking U.S. military official who was killed during the Kabul military academy shooting on August 5. Greene was at the forefront of military engineering as he worked in Afghanistan with the Afghan army. He leaves behind a wife, Sue, and two children.

There is no indication that MG Harold Greene was targeted in the shooting.

Here’s what we know so far:

1. He Moved to Afghanistan in January to Help the Afghan Military Take Control of Their Country

Harold Greene Facebook Twitter

Maj. Gen. Harold Greene pictured with LTC James Chapman. (Twitter/@HollyGoNightly1)

According to his last military profile, Greene worked as the Deputy for Acquisition and Systems Management for the Department of the Army. According to the Department of Defense website, Major Greene’s last commission was in Afghanistan as part of the transition-command.

Throughout his decorated military career, Greene served in Greece, Turkey, the Pentagon as well as a range of bases from Louisiana to New Jersey.

2. He’s the Highest Ranking American Military Member to be Killed in Combat Since Vietnam

Harold Greene Shot Killed

An Afghan soldier stands guard at the British-run facility where the deadly attack took place. (Getty)

As a two-star Army general, he is the highest ranking official to have been killed during the Afghanistan campaign. He’s also the first two-star general to have been killed since Vietnam. It had been reported by the New York Times that several of those wounded were high-ranking military officials from both the U.S. and Afghanistan.

3. Greene Was at the Forefront of Anti-IED Technology

Harry Greene MG Twitter

In December 2012, it was reported that Greene, along with high-ranking “brass,” were being brought out to defend a $2.5 billion anti-IED project. Greene said at the time that the project was a “change on methodology” on anti-IED technology. The project used a controversial piece of military technology called Palantir.

4. This Was Another ‘Insider Attack’

Afghan insider attack


The gunman is suspected to have been a member of the Afghan military. He was wearing the uniform of the Afghan army during the attack. USA Today reported that there is a worrying trend of “insider attacks” among the Afghan military against U.S. forces.

At least 15 soldiers were injured in the attack, which happened in British controlled compound. Most of the victims were American. The attack was condemned by Afghan President Hamid Karzai who called it “an act by the enemies who don’t want to see Afghanistan have strong institutions.”

5. His Son Matthew & Wife Are in the Military

Maj Gen. Harold Greene daughter Facebook

Major Greene standing second from left alongside Lt. Gen Stephen Speakes during a ceremony in 2009. The right of Gen. Speakes are Greene’s wife, Susan, and daughter, Amelia. (

Greene was a native of upstate New York. He received a Ph.D from the University of Southern California in Materials Science. He’s a registered Professional Engineer in Commonwealth of Virginia. He is survived by his wife, Susan, daughter, Amelia, and son, Matthew, who is active in the military. Greene’s son Matthew, graduated from West Point in 2012 after which he received his first appointment as an Army medic. His wife, Susan Myers, was a Colonel in the military and, according to her Facebook, holds a PhD from Penn State University. She has authored a number of papers on the role of female military officers. A source told that Susan Greene is retired from the military and is a VP at Mantech International. The family now lives in northern Virginia.

WCVB reports that the Greene family have ties to Franklin, Massachusetts.




Tragic,of course, though no more tragic than any private, corporal or sergeant who died or was severely wounded.. My hub, a 39 year Army vet, wants to know why he only wore 8 ribbons…my hub has far more than that and believes you must wear all of your ribbons on your dress uniform…


What are you talking about? He is wearing all of his ribbons…including the ones that he has more than one of…that’s obviously shown with Oak Leaf Clusters. Right now, people who knew him are mourning him; it’s not about you, your hub, or ribbons.

James Springfield

General Officers can more or less do whatever they want with their uniforms to include ribbon presentation.


It is probably due to the fact that he was not in a Combat Arms branch. He was an IT type and researcher. Not much chance to acquire medals/ribbons in support roles.


If his son graduated from West Point he is and Army Medical Officer; not a medic.


It was not an appointment, but his son was originally going to be an enlisted medic. He is now a Field Artillery officer.

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