May the Fourth Be With You: Top 5 Best Drinking Games

may the fourth be with you, may the 4th be with you, star wars day


May 4, 2015 is “Star Wars Day” because of the pun on the catchphrase “May the Force be with you” to “May the 4th be with you.” Celebrate the holiday with drinks! Here are some fun, Star Wars themed drinking games for you and your friends to play—some with cards, some with apps—but all fun!

But please remember that if you do choose to play these games, know your limit and never drive afterwards.

1. Drinking Heads Up! (3+ People)

Items: Phone with Heads Up! app, cup of booze or beer

Ellen and Kaley Cuoco Play 'Heads Up!'It's Ellen's awesome new app, and who better to play it with than Kaley Cuoco? Check out this hilarious round of "Animals Gone Wild" right here, and get "Heads Up!" for your iPhone or iPad, here!

Heads Up! is an app developed by Ellen DeGeneres that can be purchased on both iOS and Android.

You can watch Ellen and Alison Sweeney show you how to play above. To make it a drinking game, simply add taking a drink when somebody gets it wrong. If you have more than three people, teams can be formed. If you want to tailor it specifically to Star Wars Day, simply purchase the “Build Your Own Deck” option in the app. Suggestions include: Luke Skywalker, Millennium Falcon, C3PO, Anakin Skywalker, and anything else you can think of!

2. Luke Lightsaber Hands (2+ People)

Items: Duct tape, two 40 oz (~1.2 liters) bottles of malt liquor, hands

may the fourth be with you, may the 4th be with you, star wars day

Mark Hamill in “The Simpsons” “Star Wars” musical episode.

A fun Star Wars take on Edward 40 Hands, an homage to the 1990 Tim Burton film, Luke Lightsaber Hands is a fun drinking game that requires absolutely no luck or skill.

In it, participants duct tape two 40 oz (~1.2 liters) bottles of malt liquor to their hands.

Because their hands are now incapacitated, players can’t do anything until the alcohol is finished: no opening doors, no going to the bathroom, no nothing…

The person to finish their 40s the fastest wins.

3. Princess Leia Flip or Strip

may the fourth be with you, may the 4th be with you, star wars day


This game explanation can get a little long-winded, so we’ll let the pros explain:

Flip a coin and while it is in the air, call heads or tails. If you guess right, pass the coin to your right. If you guess wrong, pass the coin to your left and either take one article of clothing off (anything that is a pair counts as one item) or take a drink.

If you guess right, you can choose to flip again. Another successful guess lets you pass the coin to anyone of your choosing. A wrong guess has normal consequences.

If you guess right three times in a row, you may retrieve an article of clothing and put it back on. The coin is then passed to your right.

The only other rule is lousy coin tosses need to be re-tossed.

4. Movie Drinking Games

Here are the official rules to the film drinking games, thanks to Star Wars Online Universe:

Episode I The Phantom Menace

1. Anyone turns a lightsaber on or off
2. Anyone mentions the Force
3. Anyone says “Ani”
4. The Jedi Council is shown
5. The interior of the Senate is shown
6. Jar-Jar says “Meesa”
7. Anyone says “Naboo”
8. Pod racing / racers are mentioned
Episode II Attack Of The Clones

1. Anyone turns a lightsaber on or off
2. Anyone mentions the Force
3. The Jedi Council is shown
4. The interior of the Senate is shown
5. Anyone mentions refer to Anakin as young
6. Anakin refers to his affection for Padme
7. Anyone says “Jango” or “Boba”
8. Padme changes her outfit
Episode III Revenge Of The Sith

1. Anyone turns a lightsaber on or off
2. Anyone mentions the Force
3. Anyone says “M’Lady”
4. Anyone says “Dooku”
5. Anyone loses a limb
6. Padme’s childbirth death / “saving her life” is mentioned
7. A Jedi is killed
8. Anyone talks about “power” or being “powerful”
Episode IV A New Hope

1. Anyone turns a lightsaber on or off
2. Anyone mentions the Force
3. Luke whines about something
4. Anyone says “Kenobi”
5. R2-D2 or C-3PO gets damaged
6. Anyone insults the or boasts about the Millenium Falcon
7. Anyone mentions the Death Star’s technical plans inside R2-D2
8. Anyone communicates via radio
Episode V The Empire Strikes Back

1. Leia and Han bicker
2. The Millenium Falcon fails to go into hyperspeed
3. Luke fails a Jedi training task
4. Obi-Wan is shown or mentioned
5. The force is mentioned
6. A lightsaber is turned on or off
7. Anyone yells at or about C-3PO
8. The Dark Side is mentioned
Episode VI Return Of The Jedi

1. Anyone turns a lightsaber on or off
2. Anyone mentions the Dark Side
3. Anyone mentions “Destiny”
4. Anyone says “Skywalker”
5. Darth Vader and Luke refer to each other as “Father” or “Son”
6. Anyone mentions “Anger,” “Hate” or “Hatred”
7. The energy shield around the Death Star is mentioned
8. Han and Leia profess their love or show it

5. Death Star (Circle of Death/King’s Cup) (3+ People)

Items: Deck of cards, cup of booze or beer

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Circle of Death (or King’s Cup) is an easy-to-play drinking card game with various regional differences. Here you will find the version played in New York City. All you need is a deck of cards and booze.

To set up the game you will need a full deck of cards, without the jokers, and either a cup full of anything alcoholic or a can of beer. Put the beer or drink in the center of the table and arrange the cards face-down around it.

Decide who goes first and start drawing cards.

Here are what the cards mean (remember, this is regional):

2 – “Two for you” – Give out two drinks
3 – “Three for me” – Take three drinks
4 – “Whores” – Girls drink
5 – “Bust a jive” – Do a dance move, the next person then does that dance move and adds to it, and so on. The dance moves keep going until somebody can’t execute them in the correct order. That person drinks.
6 – “Dicks” – Guys drink
7 – “Heaven” – Everybody reaches to the sky immediately. Last person to do so drinks.
8 – “Pick a date” – Pick somebody to drink with you. Every time you screw up or have to drink, they have to drink, too. But if they drink, you don’t have to (unless you both are “dating” each other.)
9 – “Bust a rhyme” – The person who draws a card says a word to rhyme. Orange, purple, and silver (and any other non-rhyming English words) are illegal. The people then go around in order trying to rhyme with that word. No repeats. If someone can’t think of a rhyme or accidentally repeats, they drink. Note: For more advanced people, rhythm can be kept.
10 – “Categories” – The person who draws the card picks a category, like “farm animals” or “brands of cereal.” The people then go around in the circle naming things within this category. No repeats. If someone repeats or can’t think of something to contribute, they drink.
Jack – “Never have I ever” – Everybody puts up five fingers. The person who drew the card says something they’ve never done, and anybody who has done it has to put a finger down. It can be as dirty or as clean as you like. The person who loses all five fingers first drinks.
Queen – “Question master” – This person is now the question master. Until the next queen is drawn, this person can ask anyone a question. If they fail to answer the question with a question, they drink.
King – “Make a rule” – A rule is made that lasts until the end of the game. Rules can be compounding, so after all four kings are played, there will be four rules. Anytime a rule is broken, and a person gets called on it, they have to drink.
Ace- “Waterfall” – Everybody drinks until the person who drew the card stops drinking. The last person to draw “Waterfall” has to drink the cup or beer at the center of the cards.