Dane Gallion: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Dane Gallion, Dane Gallion Renton Washington theater shooting

Dane Gallion. (Vanguard Athletics)

A 29-year-old man accused of accidentally shooting a woman while drunk at a Washington movie theater during a showing of 13 Hours told police he brought his handgun to the Michael Bay Benghazi thriller because he was afraid of a mass shooting.

Dane Gallion has been charged with third-degree assault after the Thursday shooting in Renton, KOMO-TV reports. He appeared in court for the first time this weekend. The victim, 40-year-old Michelle Mallari, was shot in the back and is expected to survive, police say.

Gallion, a Puyallup native who played soccer at Vanguard University in California, has a legal concealed carry permit, police said. According to court documents, Gallion told police he had taken a Xanax for anxiety Thursday morning and drank a 22-ounce beer before the movie.

“He told some people he’d taken the gun out because he was concerned about the possibility of mass shootings there,” said Renton Detective Robert Onishi told reporters. “From having talked to him, it seems he didn’t have any intent to shoot anybody.”

His attorney, David Allen, told the Seattle Times his client had “no intent” to shoot anyone and called the incident a “terrible accident.”

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Gallion Told Police He Accidentally Fired His Gun After a Moviegoer Reached for His Crotch

The bullet hole left in a theater seat after the shooting. (Renton Police)

The bullet hole left in a theater seat after the shooting. (Renton Police)

Police responded to the Regal Cinema 14 at The Landing at about 8 p.m. Thursday.

“Preliminary accounts indicate that an intoxicated suspect entered one of the theaters and was fumbling with a handgun he had in his possession when it went off, striking another patron seated in front of him,” according to a statement from Renton Police.

Gallion gave police “inconsistent” stories about what happened before he fired his gun, the Seattle Times reports.

When he was arrested he told the officer another moviegoer reached for his crotch and he then accidentally fired his gun, according to court documents. He said he then ran out of the theater because he was afraid others would suspect he was a mass shooter.

When interviewed at the police station, he told officers a man was bothering him, but didn’t provide other details, the newspaper reports. He said the gun went off accidentally and scared him, so he left. He denied handling the gun and police said in their report they didn’t see any powder burns or injuries on him, according to the Times.

Police said they found a bullet hole in the seat where the victim, Michelle Mallari, was sitting, and a 9-mm magazine in a theater trash can.

Witnesses said Gallion stood up and was fumbling with a handgun in his waistband before the shot was heard, KIRO-TV reports.

According to KOMO-TV, Mallari was talking to her husband or significant other before she was shot.

“I believe the lady in front of us that got shot was actually talking to her husband or significant other and that’s when we heard the loud pop,” one witness, who did not want to be identified, told KOMO-TV.

2. Gallion’s Father Called Police to Turn in His Son

Witnesses said Gallion fled from the theater and went to a nearby restaurant, KIRO-TV reports.

Fred Granados told the news station he was “sitting in the restaurant, guy stumbles in, drops a gun on the floor, looks like a .45 semiautomatic pistol. He starts walking to the bathroom and I get up to tell the management, ‘Hey, some guy just dropped a gun. A real gun.”

At about 9:40 p.m., Gallion’s father called 911 to report his distraught son had told him he had dropped his gun at a theater and he thought it discharged, according to KIRO.

Police then responded to arrest Gallion at a home in Newcastle.

3. The Victim Is in Stable Condition After Spending Several Days in the Hospital

Michelle Mallari, Michelle Mallari Renton

Michelle Mallari is recovering after being shot. (Facebook)

The victim, Michelle Mallari, is still recovering at the hospital, but is in stable condition and is expected to survive, officials said. But her family said she was in serious condition Friday.

“Our family and friends are grateful for the outpouring of support and concern for Michelle. Our main priority right now is to focus on Michelle’s health and well being. At this time we have no comment about the shooting. We are confident that the investigation is in good hands with the Renton Police Department. We ask that you respect our privacy during this time as we navigate Michelle’s recovery,” her family said in a statement to KIRO-TV.

Mallari works in human resources at a King County nonprofit, International Community Health Services, which provides medical care to the Seattle area Asian and Pacific Islander communities.

Nathaniel Hansen, a military veteran, told Q13 Fox he rushed to help Mallari. The bullet went through her shoulder, he said.

“She was crying a little bit and saying, it hurts. My shoulder hurts,” Hansen said. “She said she had no idea who the shooter was.”

Hansen told the news station about Gallion, He obviously had his firearm visual to me. It was in his hand as he was leaving.”

4. Gallion, a Married Father of 2, Was Convicted of a DUI in 2011

Gallion was previously convicted of driving under the influence in 2011. He is a married father of two and is a graduate student at the University of Washington, the Seattle Times reports.

He played college soccer at Vanguard University in California, graduating in 2008. He attended Cascade Christian High School.

Dane gallion

Gallion. (Linkedin)

Gallion works as an office manager at The Pain Center of Western Washington, according to his Linkedin profile.

5. He Was Released After Posting $25,000 Bail

The Regal Cinemas in Renton. (Google Maps)

The Regal Cinemas in Renton. (Google Maps)

Gallion was released after posting $25,000 bail on Saturday. His attorney asked for $10,000 bail, telling the judge Gallion has “very strong ties to the community,” and is the son of a retired Air Force colonel, the Seattle Times reports.

The judge, who said he was “concerned” because Gallion fled from the theater, ordered that he surrender any firearms he owns. He was also ordered not allowed use alcohol or other controlled substances because of his previous DUI convition, the newspaper reports. He is due back in court on Tuesday.


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To anybody who leaves a negative comment and claims to be entitled to their own opinions, you’re rude, cruel, and quite ridiculoust to post some ‘facts’ or conclusions about someone you know nothing about. This man and every one of his brothers and sisters along with his parents and grandparents attend our church and he along with them are unbelievably generous and humble people. They are a family I look up to. This was an honest accident, but due to the cruelty, and the national publication of mass shootings or public shootings, every one is guilty until proven guilty, and when proven innocent it is a government conspiracy or rich scheme. Dane is an awesome guy and I pray for the hearts of people who have nothing better to do but bash a person they don’t even know out of their own personal issues they wrestle with internally. Take care


Dane is an idiot, claiming to need to bring a gun to a theater when he is the one people needed to be protected from. Very ironic and typical behavior of idiot gun nuts. This dane guy is the exact reason why gun laws need to be stricter. He’s a moron and should never be allowed to carry a gun. Cant they give intelligence tests before allowing someone to carry a gun??? Plz???


What crazy parents would even think of naming their son Dane? He was cursed at birth!

Brian Shoemaker

That’s not half as bad as those ebonic negro jungle names the spooks make up.


Actually it is cool Brian. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. What’s not cool is thinking yours is the only one thats right, like gonzo.


@Shoemaker: And did any of those spooks put their negro dong in a lil white gal you were sweet on? I’m just saying, that seems to be what set off that cracker in the Charleston church shooting. It’s only fair all you other crackers follow suit.


@murdouchemysteries:God NO you are barking up the wrong tree if you think SANE crackers would ever screw a white chic that was with a greasy negro, but we do have mentally i’ll crackers in our population that would.

Michael L Griffin

Hey Brian Shoemaker, nice to hide behind that keyboard and spout that crap. And what did that have to do with this idiot? You do know what he is saying and what he did is pure idiocy right? I mean there is no way you can blame the “spooks” for this incidence irrespective of what their name is, right??? And please tell us what a “jungle” name is?? I have spent time in a lot of distant places all over the globe and I have never come across a jungle named Tyrone, Cam, or Lamika (my daughter’s name whom is married with three kids works for a hospital and her husband works for the US Navy – grand-kids are great students with the 16 year old girl on pace to go to college with scholarships from multiple colleges – no one in my family having spent 0 time in jail yada yada yada) I mean what is your problem anyway dude? Oh and to keep it on your level – “yo momma!”

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