Jarratt Turner: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Jarratt Turner

Public Record Mugshot Jarratt Turner was sentenced to 105 years in prison for 16 counts of distributing and transporting child pornography.

A Tennessee man who dressed as a superhero to wash windows at a children’s hospital was sentenced on Monday to 105 years in prison for producing and distributing child pornography, according to a report released by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE).

36-year-old Jarratt A. Turner dressed as Spider-Man for his window-washing job at Monroe Carrell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt in Nashville, according to a news release from the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of Tennessee.

Turner is accused of sexually abusing two young children he was babysitting, taking “sexually explicit images and videos” of the assault, and distributing the content on a photo sharing website.

Court records show that Turner washed windows during the same time period that he was sexually assaulting children and used his work as a window-washing superhero in order to try and lure more children, federal prosecutors said.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Turner was Interviewed in 2014 Months Before his Arrest, Claimed he “Loved his Job” and Wanted to Help Sick Kids

Turner was interviewed shortly before his arrest by local news station Fox 17 in October 2014 while washing windows with other workers dressed as various superheroes.

“Oh, man, I love my job,” he told Fox 17. “It makes it even better if I can do my job and help some people out at the same time.”

“These kids are pretty sick and anything we can do to make their day a little bit better, I’m all for it,” Turner told the news outlet.

Between October 2014 and May 2015, Turner is accused of taking sexually explicit videos and pictures of a toddler-age girl and an infant boy that he was babysitting, according to WSMV. He was friends of the childrens’ families at the time and had offered to babysit their children.

Despite Turner using his job as a window cleaner to attempt to abuse more children, it is believed he did not succeed in finding any additional victims while working there. Turner also passed a background check and had no previous convictions before being hired as a window cleaner, according to Metro.

2. Turner’s Email Address was Linked to a Photo Sharing Website where he Posted more than 40 Sexually Explicit Pictures of Young Children

According to WSMV, Turner’s email address was linked to a photo sharing website where investigators say he had 25 images of the young girl and 16 images of the infant boy.

He listed the following comments in the user information section: “I loooooove little ones. I love my little ones the most and hope you love them too.”

In other descriptions he wrote “These are some pictures I took of my nephew. We have loads of fun when I get to hang out with him” and “I love this little girl more than anything.”

According to authorities, the videos and pictures show Turner molesting the children. He distributed the pictures and videos on the internet.

3. Turner Allegedly Shared Photos of him Abusing Children while Sipping Coffee and Eating Ice Cream

Undercover investigators working for the Task Force Argos started looking into Turner in 2015, first making online contact with him in May of that year.

According to a criminal complaint at the time of his arrest, Homeland Security tracked the IP address to Sip Cafe on Gallatin Pike. Investigators say that Turner would sit at the shop and order a coffee and two scoops of ice cream and email videos and pictures of his victims to others online.

Turner Defense Sentencing Memo by Stephen Loiaconi on Scribd

After talking with the undercover cop, Turner eventually emailed him two photos of a nude 2.5-year-old girl on a baby changing table. In an email exchange Turner admitted sexually abusing the girl, that he had photos of a young boy and wrote, “I like boys and girls age 2-10.”

With the help of the manager of the cafe, law enforcement officers were able to identify the suspect and arrest him. Turner was arrested in June 2015 and charged with production and transportation of child pornography. He admitted to the offenses in March 2017.

4. Turner was Sentenced to 105 Years in Prison for 16 Counts of Production and Transportation of Child Pornography

Jarratt Turner

Jarratt Turner’s mugshot.

Earlier this week, US District Court Judge Marvin Aspen sentenced Turner to 105 years in prison and ordered to pay $31,104 in restitution. Turner entered guilty pleas to 16 counts of production of child pornography and transportation of child pornography.

“The sentence imposed by the court should ensure that this defendant will never have another opportunity to inflict his perverted sexual desires upon another innocent child,” US Attorney for the Middle District of Tennessee Don Cochran said, according to Metro.

“I frankly wish [the sentence] could be more. People like this are predators, and they build trust,” Cochran continued. “This was a toddler, and an infant, and a family who came to trust him.”

Jarratt Turner Indictment by Stephen Loiaconi on Scribd

“Children of this community are a little safer today with this sexual predator behind bars,” said Assistant Special Agent Robert Hammer, who oversees Homeland Security Investigation’s operations in Tennessee.

“The fact he would film, and then upload to the Internet, videos of himself molesting an infant and toddler, then take elaborate steps to conceal his activities, represents the extreme danger he posed to the community,” Hammer added.

5. Turner’s Roommate Says Turner had a Studio in the Basement of their Home where the Abuse Allegedly Took Place

His roommate in Nashville, David Keister, previously spoke out about the case, telling Fox 17, “I thought he was doing friends a favor by babysitting so his friends could go out on dates.”

“He had a studio downstairs,” said Keister told Fox 17.

Investigators say Turner took most of his videos and pictures of toddlers in the East Nashville basement of the home he shared with Keister.

His car left outside of the East Nashville house is filled with children’s toys, nail polish and a book about 8-year-olds. Investigators also found more videos on his computer shortly after he was arrested, mostly of 2-4-year-old children. Turner’s relatives say he doesn’t have kids of his own.

“I feel a lot of guilt that I didn’t catch on,” Keister said.

A man who knows Turner from a 12-step group for recovering drug addicts claims that Turner found his victims through parents involved with the program, according to Fox 17.

“I do know for a fact that all those kids were a child of somebody else in this program,” said the man. “I know all of their parents, so I do know that.”

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