Maria Rosa Ryan: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Maria Rosa Ryan Rudy Giuliani

Screengrab via WMUR Maria Rosa Ryan pictured in March 2018.

Maria Rosa Ryan is the New Hampshire doctor who is accused of having an affair with Rudy Giuliani prior to his split from Judith Nathan. Page Six was the first to break the news that Giuliani was in a relationship with Ryan.

The Page Six report says that Giuliani and Ryan spent the night together on March 29 at the Mountain View Grant Resort and Spa in Whitefield, New Hampshire. That alleged rendezvous took place after Giuliani toured Ryan’s hospital, the Cottage Hospital in Woodsville, New Hampshire.

A week before the Page Six story broke, the website for an Israeli hospital,Hadassah, said that Ryan and Giuliani visited a hospital in Jerusalem. The Hadassah website referred to Ryan as Giuliani’s “partner.”

Ryan is married to a former U.S. Marine named Robert Ryan. The couple lives together in Manchester, New Hampshire. When a New York Post reporter accosted Ryan at her home, the newspaper says that Ryan’s husband told that person to, “F*** off.” Ryan then said, “Go ahead and do it, do what you normally do and ruin people’s lives.” A day previously, the Ryan and her husband were seen “snuggled on a chair on the porch of their home.”

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Giuliani Could Be Seen Grinning & Strutting With Ryan When He Visited Her Hospital in March 2018

Giuliani visits Woodsville hospitalFormer New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani visited the North Country town of Woodsville on Thursday to learn about cybersecurity from a small New Hampshire hospital. Subscribe to WMUR on YouTube now for more: Get more Manchester news: Like us: Follow us: Google+:

WMUR reported at the time of Giuliani’s visit to Ryan’s hospital that the former mayor was there to learn about the medical facility’s cyber security. Giuliani is a spokesman for identity protection website, Life Lock.

A news clip from the day show Giuliani strutting and grinning as we walks side-by-side with Ryan through a hallway. The WMUR article refers to the hospital as being “a leader in automated record-keeping for years and was recognized by the government in 2012.” Ryan told the station, “It’s not that (hackers) want to know if you had a heart attack. They want your financial information. They want your Social Security number. So thankfully, through our very strong IT department, nobody’s been able to penetrate us. But it’s a real threat every single day.”

A server at the resort where Giuliani and Ryan had dinner told Page Six that Giuliani and Ryan dined together and then, “the woman went back to his room with him… We were all surprised because he is really getting on in years, and she was quite a bit younger than him. We were all like, ‘Hmmm.'” Giuliani denied the affair to the Post saying, “I do know Dr. Ryan. She is a friend of mine, so is her husband Bob. She’s a PhD and a very, very fine woman… I was in effect separated by then… I never spent the night with her. There’s no proof. There can’t be because we never did anything.” After dinner, the pair watched The Godfather together.

2. Ryan Holds a 2009 Doctorate From an Unaccredited University that Get Education Calls a ‘Diploma Mill’

Rudy Giuliani Maria Rosa Ryan

Screengrab via WMUR

Ryan holds a doctorate in philosophy from Warren National University that she attained in 2009, according to online records. WNU is an uncredited and controversial university that has been described as a “diploma mill.”

Ryan also has a master’s in family practice speciality emergency medicine from Rivier College in Nashua, New Hampshire. In December 1994, Ryan got a bachelor’s degree in registered nursing from the University of New Hampshire. Five years earlier, Ryan graduated from the New Hampshire Technical Institute as a registered nurse. Ryan is also a graduate of Trinity High School.

3. Giuliani Defended Ryan’s Daughter in Court, a Few Days After He Joined Donald Trump’s Legal Team

Giuliani shows up in court. His client wasn't Trump.One day after Rudy Giuliani announced he was leaving his law firm to offer his "sole concentration" to President Donald Trump, Giuliani appeared in a Broward County, Florida, courtroom Friday to represent a woman accused in an insurance fraud case. The former New York City mayor, who recently joined Trump's legal team, appeared for a…2018-05-11T22:57:23.000Z

Just after Giuliani joined Donald Trump’s legal team, the former New York City mayor went to Fort Lauderdale to defend Ryan’s daughter in an insurance fraud case. The Miami Herald referred to Ryan’s daughter, Vanessa, 32, as Giuliani’s “personal assistant.” Giuliani told the newspaper, “I came to show the court she is just a young woman who made a mistake. Like a character witness if you wish. She works for me and I’m in the best position to show she should be given a break in this instance… This has nothing to do with the president, by the way.” The Herald article says that Vanessa Ryan was accused of letting her Progressive insurance lapse in May 2016 and then getting in an accident. After the accident, Vanessa is accused of renewing her insurance without telling Progressive that she had been in an accident.

Giuliani went on to say, “Vanessa has been working for me as an assistant for several months and she’s terrific. I’ve also known her whole family. Her mother is a doctor I’ve known for years and her dad was a great Marine. This is the least I can do. A youngster like her doesn’t want a felony on her record. So we’re working on a deal to make sure she is not adjudicated guilty.” Vanessa Ryan is back in court on July 9. In relation to the Page Six story about her mother and Giuliani, Vanessa Ryan told the tabloid, “Whatever story you’re trying to run is completely false, and you can quote me on that. Find a story elsewhere.”

4. In 2017, Ryan Was Named the 2017 Outstanding Woman in Business in New Hampshire

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Ryan was named as the Outstanding Woman in Business for 2017 by the New Hampshire Business Review. The profile piece says that Ryan’s career in medicine began when she was 16 when she worked as a certified nursing assistant. During her career, Ryan has worked in New Mexico, Tennessee and Virginia. Since 2010, Ryan has worked as the CEO at the Cottage Hospital, which helps economically depressed communities in New Hampshire and Vermont. When asked about her advice for women getting in to business, Ryan said:

My biggest advice is if your company does not see your value, put yourself out there and go somewhere else.

People to do not succeed and reach career goals because it was given to them. There is hard work involved. You need to ask a lot of questions and do not just go to one person. Put yourself in places where you lack experience and knowledge and seek to understand the process. Don’t let anyone tell you, you can’t do something – because you can!”

5. Giuliani’s Wife Says Giuliani’s Claims that There Was No Affair Are ‘False’

Rudy Giuliani And Wife Judith Getting A DivorceJudith filed for divorce in Manhattan Supreme Court.2018-04-04T23:12:34.000Z

In April 2018, Giuliani’s then-wife, Judith Nathan, filed for divorce from the former mayor at the Manhattan Supreme Court. The couple had been married for 15 years and been together since the end of Giuliani’s second marriage to Donna Hanover. Giuliani told the New York Post at the time the divorce was filed, “We hope to do this as amicably as possible and hope that people will respect the privacy of our children at the time… We will have to divide our properties in New York and Palm Beach.” Nathan’s lawyer, Bernard Clair, told the Post, “There are reasons for the filing at this time.”

Speaking to the Post on the day the story broke about Giuliani’s alleged affair, Nathan said, “My husband’s denial of the affair with the married Mrs. Ryan is as false as his claim that we were separated when he took up with her.”

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