John ‘Jack’ Sidney McCain IV, John McCain’s Son: 5 Fast Facts

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John McCain has seven children: three daughters and four sons. John “Jack” Sidney McCain IV is John’s fifth-oldest son.  He is one of three children that John McCain had with his second wife, Cindy McCain. John and Cindy also adopted a daughter, Bridget. Jack and his brother, Jimmy, are both in the military.

1. Jack McCain Is a Navy Helicopter Pilot

Jack and his brother, Jimmy, followed in their father’s footsteps by also serving in the military. While Jimmy is a Marine and has served tours in Iraq, Jack is a Navy lieutenant and a helicopter pilot. He graduated from the Naval Academy in 2009 and has been designated an MH-60 Seahawk pilot since 2011. He was also working on a master’s degree from Georgetown University. The Naval Academy was the only college he applied to, because it was the only place that he wanted to go. “I want to be part of our family legacy,” he told his mom.

When he graduated, Cindy joked that she was happy he didn’t have as many demerits as his dad. “I’m happy to say my son’s grades are better, and he didn’t have the demerits business that my husband did. He had demerits, but he didn’t come through with quite so many as my husband did.”

2. Jack Made Headlines After Calling People Who Criticized an Interracial Ad: ‘Ignorant Racists’

Jack made headlines in 2016 after he called out people who criticized ad by Old Navy that featured an interracial couple. He tweeted: “To the people upset about the #OldNavy ‘Scandal’ of a picture of a mixed race marriage, eat it.” He also called them “ignorant racists.” You can see the ad he was referencing above.

Jack later told The Navy Times: “The mere fact that this is a conversation in the year 2016 is disheartening enough, and why this type of response — like the one aimed at Old Navy — merits conversation.”

3. In 2013, Jack Married Air Force Reserve Captain Renee Swift

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Wonderful day at my son Jack's wedding!

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Jack McCain was likely especially angry about the criticism of the Old Navy ad because he is part of an interracial couple himself. In 2013, he married a black woman, Air Force Reserve Captain Renee Swift. They were married at San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral in an absolutely stunning wedding.

After their wedding, they honeymooned in Africa. Jack was scheduled for another deployment shortly after their honeymoon.

4. Jack and Renee Met When They Were Both Stationed in Guam

Renee, 29, married Jack, 27, in 2013. They first met years earlier when Jack was stationed in Guam, serving in the Navy. Renee was also stationed in Guam as the captain in the Air Force Reserves. Jack has always been very supportive of her career, and Renee has always been supportive of his.

5. Renee & Jack’s First Child Was Born in 2016

In November 2016, Renee and Jack celebrated the birth of their first child. And their baby is growing up just beautifully.

She and Jack are also the proud “parents” of a greyhound.

And the pup is absolutely adorable.

They’re an absolutely adorable family.

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