Serial Cat Killer in Washington: Map of Where Attacks Occurred

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Police in Washington state believe there is a serial cat killer in the region who is responsible for the mutilation and deaths of seven cats, Q13 FOX reported. Below is a map of where the horrific crimes occurred and a list of each one. Residents are urged to stay vigilant, keep their cats safe, and to report anything suspicious to police, so whoever is responsible can be found as quickly as possible. A $3,000 reward is being offered for information leading to the person’s arrest and conviction. A link at the end of this story will show how you can contribute to the reward and increase it.

The map below is based on the locations of each of the reported cat killings. As you can see, the last few are very close to one another. Some of the locations aren’t exact, but are in the blocks where the cats were killed.

Here are details on each of the deceased cats and where they were killed, in order from most recent to the first.

Harley: 1700 Block of 6th Avenue Southwest in West Olympia

Harley, an adorable, fluffy tabby who was deaf and lived in a little heated house provided by his owner, Kathy Harrigan, was founded killed on Sunday morning, Q13 FOX reported. Harley was about 20 years old and a very sweet cat, but too feral to live inside. He was the seventh cat found killed and the second within 48 hours, police said. They suspect all seven cats were killed by the same person.

Olly: 1500 Block of Dickinson Avenue NW in West Olympia

Olly was found dead on Friday, killed in the same horrific manner as Harley. Olly may have the perpetrator’s DNA ins her claws. The crime lab is looking at samples in the hope of finding a match. Olly was strangled and mutilated.

Tumwater Airport (Olympia Regional Airport)

In July, a cat was found killed in a similar manner near Tumwater Airport, FOX reported. Each cat was left in a public place so people could find it.

1000 Block of Decatur Street SW in Olympia

In July, a cat was found killed near Decatur Woods park in the 1000 block of Decatur ST SW in Olympia. This and the one near Tumwater Airport were the first reported to happen after the two in February.

1400 Block of Clearbrook Drive SE in Lacey

In February, two cats were killed in the same area of Clearbrook Drive, FOX reported. These may have been the first two incidents in a set of four that occurred in Lacey, Olympia, and Tumwater before the most recent killings.

Shane Park in Port Angeles, Washington

A cat was also killed in Port Angeles, Washington in July and left in a very public location. The sweet cat, Tarot, was owned by Debbie Drake and was about seven years old. It was found in the playground and picnic area of Shane Park. This might be the first in the series of killings.

Officers have gone door-to-door in Olympia, seeking surveillance video that might give them a clue about the perpetrator, and warning residents about what is happening.

A $3,000 reward is being offered for tips that lead to an arrest and conviction. The reward is being offered by Pasado’s Safe Haven and David Rose, host of Washington’s Most Wanted and a news anchor for Q13. You can help raise the reward fund by donating here

If you have any information about what happened, contact the police.