Dean Heller, Jacky Rosen Election Results: Who Is Winning?

Heller Rosen election results


Republican Dean Heller and Democrat Jacky Rosen battled for a tightly contested Senate seat in Nevada, but as of 2:30 AM on Wednesday, Rosen has been projected to be the winner of the evening.

As of 2:20 AM on Wednesday, eastern time, with 76 percent of precincts polling, here are the results from The New York Times:

Dean Heller (R): 44.3% (359,582 votes total)

Jacky Rosen (D): 51.5% (417,489 votes total)

As of midnight ET, the first votes had not yet come in. According to KTVN, the Nevada results were pending as people were still voting after midnight, as they were in line at the time that the polls closed. Voting numbers cannot begin to be counted until the polls are totally closed, which is why the election results have been so delayed.

In the days leading up to the election, RealClearPolitics has pegged the Nevada race as a tossup, with Rosen and Heller polling with in a few points of one another in the three most recent polls for the election.

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