Mickey Tronson: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Thinking the first name of the Trump-supporting woman who went on racist tirades while on vacation a few weeks ago began with a ‘V,’ people on social media dubbed her ‘Virgin Islands Vicky.’ But the woman is named Mickey Tronson. She is from North Dakota. And while on holiday in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Tronson was recorded not once, or twice, but at least three times, hurling vile racist epithets, declaring her hatred of black people, and her hostility and loathing of President Barack Obama, while cheering for Donald Trump.

The original three-part video was recorded by Djama Esprit, a USVI cyber-security, forensics, counter-terrorism, and criminal justice expert, according to his LinkedIn. Esprit also served as an ocean-racing crew member. He posted the videos to a St. Thomas group Facebook page, Esprit said the incident occurred Dec. 13 at a dock for a small ferry on St. Thomas.

“So this happened last week Thursday afternoon water Island dock, thank goodness they left the territory the following day. I patiently tolerated her to spew her inner anger which made her calm down after she realized no one paid her any attention shortly after she was allowed to board the ferry.”

People on the Facebook page, while condemning Tronson, lauded Esprit: “…you deserve the noble peace prize idk how you kept your cool …”

Here’s what you need to know:

1. The USVI Are Majority Black But That Did Not Stop Tronson From Her Repeated Racist Tirades Caught on Video

The U.S. Virgin Islands are majority African-American; less than 20 percent of the population is white. Yet Tronson, who is raving and stumbling near a boat dock, appears unconcerned about not only shouting the n-word repeatedly but declaring her hatred for black people.

“Don’t like ni**ers. President Trump, whoo-hoo! Obama? Fu*k you, motherfuc*ing ni**err,’ Tronson is heard clearly shouting, albeit often slurring. In the background, a man can be heard asking her to be quiet.

“Mickey, be quiet.”

The voice is that of Troy Strube, also from North Dakota.

According to his Facebook, in a relationship with Tronson.

2. Once Aboard a Ferry, Tronson Continues & Escalates Her Vitriol

Esprit’s second and third videos cut to Tronson and Strube on the ferry where her racist vitriol continues, escalates even, and where Strube again tells her to “shut up.”

Tronson addresses Esprit: “Are you recording it you mother-fuc*ing ni**er? You’re recording it? Put it all over Facebook. Fu*k these motherfu*king ni**erss. I hate them. I hate ni**ers. Hate them with a passion.” And she goes on. And on. And others can be heard on the boat addressing her.

“I’m over it. I’m over the island. I’m over the dumb fucks,” she slurs. Strube interrupts: “Shut up!” But she continues on: “I’m over the ni**ers. I’m over the guys that …”

mickey tronson

Strube covers Tronson’s mouth

At this point, Strube covers her mouth repeating “shut up.” She finally says, “OK.”

3. After Tronson’s White Supremacist Diatribes Were Shared Widely on Twitter, Another Video of Tronson Emerged

Tariq Nasheed, filmmaker, author and media personality, posted the video on Twitter and a commenter pointed out that he too had encountered Tronson.

Edwin Lewis, a USVI resident, also had an interaction with Tronson. In his video posted to Twitter, Lewis engages with Tronson telling her that police were called and she was eventually told to leave the island. A report said USVI or St. Thomas police have not confirmed contact with Tronson. Indeed, Tronson boasts in this second video that she’d been expecting the police since she’d been told they had been called but had as of that time, had not arrived and Tronson appears unfazed, continuing her resolute racist declarations.

Lewis tells Tronson to “say it again.” And she does. The man says “you’re about to go to jail, you know.” She responds: “I hope I do,” as she mocks those who have said the police have been called: “I’ve been waiting for the last two hours.”

But as was reported by Esprit, Tronson and Strube left the Virgin Islands on Dec. 14.

4. Tronson Deleted Her Facebook. But the Internet Has a Long Memory

Tronson’s now-deleted Facebook indicates she lives in North Dakota and attended Mandan High School. Images of her with family, sitting on a motorcycle and with Strube were featured on her page.

According to online records including an obituary, Tronson has also lived in Douglas, Wyoming. She is also known as Michelle R. Tronson, and Mickey or Michelle Westergaard.

A LinkedIn page for a person named Mickey Tronson from North Dakota and Casper, Wyoming indicates that individual is a welder’s assistant, attended Minot State University in North Dakota. It’s not clear if that is the same Mickey Tronson.

5. Strube, Who Begged Tronson to Stop Her Tirades, is Retired & Volunteers at Soup Kitchens & Habitat for Humanity

Based on his Facebook page, as sparse as it is, Strube, retired from Delta Airlines, as per his LinkedIn, appears to be of a dissimilar character perhaps than Tronson. Or at least his description of himself and images he’s posted appear to show that.

“Helping at the Lord’s cupboard and the soup kitchen and the Golden Kiwanis and Habitat for humanity,” his Facebook profile reads.

Strube also dons a ‘Live Generously’ t-shirt as can be seen in the above photo with Tronson. The program is an effort by Thrivent Financial that says it helps to inspire people to “amplify your impact on the causes and people you care about…to make your corner of the world a better a place…(a) unique approach to blending faith, finances and generosity has long helped our members thrive. But that’s only part of our story. We also support programs that help build stronger families, churches and communities…”

This is a developing story.

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