Nick Ayers’ Family: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Nick Ayers family

Nick Ayers Twitter

Nick Ayers is the top aide to Vice President Mike Pence and is widely considered the frontrunner to be Donald Trump’s next White House Chief of Staff.

Ayers, a native of Cobb County, Georgia, has been married to his wife, Jamie, for 13 years and has 6-year-old triplets.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Ayers Grew Up in Cobb County, Georgia; His Parents Divorced During His Childhood

Ayers was born and raised in Cobb County, Georgia. His father owned a landscaping company and his mother worked for a commercial laundry equipment company, according to a Washington Post profile of Ayers from 2010.

To The Washington Post, Ayers noted the stress of finances in his household, as well as his parents’ subsequent divorce, as a formative milestone in his life. He said, “I decided I never wanted to be in a position of anxiety. I have dealt with anxiety issues my whole life. I have always been a worrier and planned way ahead.”

Ayers is now worth between $12 million and $54 million dollars, according to a financial disclosure form he submitted upon entering the Trump administration.

2. Ayers Married Jamie Floyd on May 21, 2005

Ayers was introduced to his future wife through Sonny Perdue. He was running Perdue’s campaign and dating a girl from New York when, he told The Washington PostPerdue said, “You’re crazy, you’ve got to date a Southern girl.”

The pair were married in 2005. Ayers will frequently celebrate his wife on social media, noting their 11-year anniversary with a tweet that read, “She’s given me 11 years of marital bliss and these three children. I love this gal. She’s perfect.”

It’s unclear whether Jamie currently works, or if she’s a stay-at-home mom. However, she was noted to be a political fundraiser alongside Ayers in a 2011 Marietta Daily Journal article.

The Ayers family are based in Atlanta, Georgia.

3. Ayers & Jamie Have 6-Year-Old Triplets Named Charles, Mary Floyd, & Talton

The Ayers family welcomed triplets in 2012, two boys and one girl named Talton, Charles, and Mary Floyd. Ayers’ Instagram account is private, but he tweets photos of his children occasionally. The triplets were notably born on December 12, 2012, giving them a 12/12/12 birthday, per a tweet by Ayers. 

According to Ayers’ tweets, the Ayers triplets had to be hospitalized for two months following their birth, and were held in NICU for an unknown reason. Ayers tweeted about the incident in September 2017, writing, “ to the first night we finally had all three at home with us after nearly 2 months of NICU!”

On August 9, Ayers tweeted, “1 baby tooth down…59 more to go! Big night in the Ayers household. The tooth fairy gives parents of triplets a discount, right?”

4. The Ayers Family Are Deeply Religious, & Ayers Frequently Cites the Role of God in His Life

Nick Ayers is deeply religious; his most recent post on Twitter as of December 8 was a retweet that read, “Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves receive from God. — 2 Corinthians 1:3-4”

In an email blast in 2011 that soon circulated around the internet, Ayers cited God’s will as the driving force behind his decision to join the Pawlenty campaign. He wrote,

“Over the past six months, I have prayed deeply about my purpose in life and how best to utilize the talents God has given me. I wanted my decision to be wholly about how best to serve Him, not what was most politically or financially expedient for my family and me. As He often does in walks of faith, He has called me to a higher purpose.

I believe that our Nation is truly on the wrong path. We need a new direction that is positive and hopeful. Simply said, we need new leadership. I believe that Governor Pawlenty is best positioned to provide that leadership. Therefore, I am pleased today to join Governor and Mrs. Pawlenty in their pursuit of the presidency.”

Ayers frequently notes religion when talking about his wife and children.

5. Ayers Posts Frequently About His Wife & Children on Social Media

Ayers often takes to social media to celebrate his wife and children. On their anniversary, Ayers tweeted of his wife, “She’s given me 11 years of marital bliss and these three children. I love this gal. She’s perfect.

On his triplets’ third birthday, he tweeted that he was the “luckiest dad alive.” He also tweeted another photo showing that the Ayers family celebrated the triplets’ third birthday by getting a food truck at their house. He wrote, “When your triplets turn three, why not surprise them w/Varsity?!? Happy birthday Talton, Charles and Mary Floyd!”

In another instance in 2014, Ayers tweeted a photo of his family at Waffle House on Christmas day, sharing that their oven “blew a fuse.” He wrote, “when the oven blows a fuse thank the Lord for !”

On the Fourth of July this summer, Ayers tweeted, “A pic of my kids taking in one of their first fireworks shows two years ago on . I love life through their eyes. Happy Birthday America!”

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