Ana Piñon-Williams: A Tribute to the Sebring Shooting Victim

Ana Piñon-Williams

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Police say 21-year-old Zephen Xaver walked into the SunTrust Bank in Sebring, Florida and ordered five women to lie face down on the floor and then shot them dead.

Five women, most mothers, all innocent victims, killed in an unspeakable and, for their loved ones, unfathomable act. Five families and countless friends, co-workers, neighbors, and strangers grieving the senseless murders.

Cynthia Watson was a newlywed, Marisol Lopez was a mother of two, Jessica Montague was the mother of three, Debra Cook was a grandmother and Ana Piñon-Williams has seven children.

The women who ranged in age from 31 to 65, were all shot and killed lying face down.

Xaver has been charged with five counts of premeditated murder.

Some say the motive is unknown and the killing random. But the victims were all women killed in an execution fashion and all save Watson were bank employees. Many say it’s anything but random.

On Saturday SunTrust said it would not reopen the branch.

“After hearing the views of the families and teammates, SunTrust has decided that it will not reopen the Sebring Midtown branch location. We will explore options for the best use of that property, while also maintaining an equally vital banking presence in Sebring. In the meantime, we are notifying clients to use our North Sebring and Avon Park branches, as well as a SunTruck Mobile Branch at 126 West Center Avenue in Sebring. We remain committed to being a caring neighbor, supportive bank and strong business partner in Sebring.”

Here’s what you need to know about Ana Piñon-Williams:

Ana Piñon-Williams Had Just Started Her New Job With SunTrust Bank

Sharon Thompson Middleton, Piñon-Williams’ supervisor at the bank said, “Beautiful Ana. She was with us for such a short time, but she made an immediate impact.”

Thompson Middletown recalled Piñon-Williams’ job interview.

“When I interviewed her I knew she would be a perfect fit for our little family. I didn’t meet with anyone else. Although we were just getting to know her, we loved her and her kind spirit from day one. ♡”

Her brother-in-law said, “Ana was new to the SunTrust family, but she loved her work and her co-workers. SunTrust representatives and executives have been with us every step of the way. We appreciate their ongoing care and support.”

Piñon-Williams Was a Mother of 7 Children, 3 Biological & 4 Step-Children. She Was ‘Truly a Light in This World’

Piñon-Williams, 38, moved to Okeechobee from Mexico, where she met her husband Chad Williams. Married in 2015, she was a mother of 7, including her three biological children and four step-children.

Piñon-Williams’ brother-in-law, Tim Williams, spoke on behalf of her family.

“Before I get started, we would like to offer our condolences to the four other families whose lives were forever changed yesterday by this tragic event. My name is Tim Williams and my sister-in-law, Ana Piñon-Williams, was one of the victims at SunTrust Bank. Ana was a wife to my brother, a mother to seven children, a daughter, a sister, and family to everyone she knew. Her life was truly a light in this world, she made it a better place.

Ana was new to the SunTrust family, but she loved her work and her co-workers. SunTrust representatives and executives have been with us every step of the way. We appreciate their ongoing care and support.

Of course, all of this will take time to process and we appreciate privacy as our family begins the healing process. We do not know what was going on in the mind of the individual who committed this atrocious act, but we do know he was influenced by the darkness in this world. We will not try to understand the darkness, but we will with God’s help overcome it.”

“There is no law that can change the human heart, but there is a God who can. Ana found her life when she surrendered it to Jesus Christ. We know she did not die in that bank; she is alive and well with her Savior today.

We are determined to let Ana’s memory be marked by the life she lived, the people she loved, and the difference she made. She accepted others where they were in life; loving came easy for her. Loving her was easy; living without her will be hard. Our family will not only survive, but we will thrive as a living testament to the power of prayer and faith! We will never forget Ana, she will forever live on in our hearts and minds.”

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