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Social media influencer Brittany Dawn Griesen Davis who is the face behind Brittany Dawn Fitness, with nearly a million followers on social media, mostly young women and girls, is under fire for duping customers who are told they are purchasing “customized” fitness and diet plans.

Customers and followers charge that the so-called personalized plans and products, that run up to more than $500 and higher, are generic at best.

And when women who feel they have been taken advantage of by Davis, or have complained about the lack of transparency or issues with products, including asking for their money back on her social media channels, they have been largely silenced, it’s alleged.

Others are angry that the influencer appeared to target girls and young women with eating disorders. In an email to Heavy, one woman said, “A big issue that media keeps glossing over is how she also marketed and targeted those with eating disorders. Her posts and hashtags were using trigger words for ED girls and she lured them with the promise that they could also “be healthy”. It’s absolutely sickening how predatory she was.” Hashtags like “SkipDinner, for example.

Davis posted a video to her YouTube channel saying she’s been harassed and has received death threats.

Here’s what you need to know about the Instagram fitness model and YouTuber who Social Blade says earns tens of thousands of dollars just off her video uploads.

1. The ‘Lover of Jesus, Avocados, Lifting Weights & Dogs’ Posted a YouTube Video Saying Fans Are Turning on Her But She Apologizes to ‘Anyone Who Feels Scammed’

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Saying her intentions “from the start were pure” as she hoped to positively “impact as many women as possible,” the fitness and beauty influencer sniffled as she read her apology statement promising to “put this all to rest.”

She claims the complaints are “from years ago” and are the result of her moving “too fast.”

She says she’s received “hundreds” of death threats and harassing remarks.

“I am scared to film this video …there’s some things on the surface …that have come to surface …that have come to fruition ….that need to be addressed so I’m here to do that and I am here to put everything to rest …”

She is responding to complaints from hundreds of her followers that her coaching and customized fitness plans and diets are generic and not as promised. Plans from her run upwards of $150.

On her video apology, she writes, “thank you for listening to my statement — I am so sorry. unfortunately with being human, comes learning from making mistakes. this is my heartfelt apology, to move forward and make things right. and I please ask that the death threats end, and for my family/friends to be left alone from here on out.”

2. She Has 500,000 Followers on Insatgram & 300,000 on YouTube But Lost 15,000 Subscribers in the Last Few Days

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Hundreds of comments have been left for Davis on her Instagram page most with a similar refrain: “Excuses excuses excuses… that’s all you are with everything coming to light. Just be honest and tell people the truth: you got greedy and instead of adding value to your business you went for a quick buck. You knew EXACTLY what you were doing and the only thing you’re sorry about is that you got caught! Admit it and give everyone their FULL refund!”

According to Social Blade, Brittany Dawn Fitness lost 10,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel since Feb. 6 when she posted her apology and another 5,000 left her Instagram account.

3. Brittany Dawn Fitness Has Previously Silenced or Blocked Users Who Complained, Followers Say. There’s a Facebook Page For Brittany Dawn Fitness Complaints

On a Reddit thread, as well as a number of other locations including a Facebook page devoted to Brittany Dawn Fitness Complaints, hundreds have posted both their issues with the influencer as well as myriad screenshots and posts that show how she has blocked from public view followers and their complaints on her Facebook fitness Fit Girl Tribe page among other social channels.

“Last night I sat down for an interview with Good Morning America. I honestly don’t know how the piece will turn out. What I do know is that I am sincerely learning from this experience and will continue to have a passion and drive for fitness and well-being. If my actions, or inactions, caused me to be a case-study on what not to do as an influencer in this uncharted territory, I accept that with full responsibility. As you all know, I have begun the process of making good as best I can with the best of business advisors. There are no longer NDAs, no deleting or blocking, no excuses.

Sincerely and apologetically,
Brittany Dawn.”

But right away a comment shut down her post.

A Facebook page was created for people to share their experiences with Brittany Dawn Fitness purchases. The Facebook group devoted to Brittany Daw Fitness Complaints has 4,000 members.

“We did not create this group to bad mouth Brittany. Our hope is to gather relevant information in disputing charges due to bad business practices for ours and for others’ sake. Please no defamation of character based on assumptions; only information with supporting evidence relating to Brittany Dawn Fitness – the company and not the individual,” the closed group page’s description reads.

“We are not interested in slander. Only sharing the information we have so that we may form our own opinions since multiple attempts have been made to rectify the situation without any effort to discuss or resolve. For far too long, people have remained quiet to not rock the boat because any attempt to do so is met with fierce opposition and/or attempts to silence. In spreading the word, we can keep others from throwing their hard-earned money away and hopefully come to some sort of solution ourselves. Group is monitored to the best of our ability.”

4. Yelp! Reviews Shuttered by Davis Are Still Retrievable Online & Show Scathing Reviews

A deleted but retrievable Yelp! page for Brittany Dawn Fitness offers reviews from followers and clients from 2018 through the present and offers a glimpse of scathing commentary about her business practices including shutting down or blocking fans and followers on Facebook and other platforms who complain or speak out against her.

“If i could give Brittany Dawn zero stars i would. I hate that i even have to give her one. She is running a scam business. Tricking people into thinking that all of her programs are customized to each person individually. Running two fitness groups and deleting any comment when her customers have concerns about the way she runs her business. I bought a 30 day program two years ago, and received the same generic response for every one of my ‘check-ins.’ Even if i asked her a question, it was the same ‘you’re doing great babe, don’t change anything.”

“Worst online personal trainer out there.”

5. The Better Business Bureau Received Complaints Against Brittany Dawn Fitness & Most Went ‘Unanswered’

In a post to Twitter, Dawn complained that if clients were not satisfied, they should have communicated that to her.

“it’s sad that communication is such a foreign concept. not happy? say so…communication, it’s that easy.”

Some did complain, to the Better Business Bureau. Of the six listed complaints, five were “unanswered.”

A complaint to the BBB about Brittany Dawn Fitness from the spring of 2018, which was marked as “resolved,” and apparently resulted in a refund of $145 for a fitness plan, had the client claim right off the bat that Davis “…falsely advertises her services and does not follow through with promises. In her fitness plan, Brittany promised that the workouts will be custom tailored to the individual. The workouts are not they are very generalized and every individual that purchases from her received the same exact workout plan …”

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This person said that in addition to the one-size-fits-all generic plan, Davis made other promises that were not kept.

“Brittany promised weekly follow-up via email and says she will provide custom nutrition information and update goals accordingly. She does not respond to emails in a timely manner or does not respond at all. Furthermore, Brittany promises that if you purchase protein from 1stPhorm and submit your receipt to her she will send you a free gift. The free gift never came and Brittany does not respond to any communication regarding the purchased plan for the free gift. The plan was very disappointing as she did not provide the services as promised.”

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