John Kless: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

John Kless

Getty Cory Booker, Rashida Tlaib, Eric Swalwell

John Kless is a Florida man charged with threatening Senator Cory Booker and Reps. Rashida Tlaib and Eric Swalwell, WPLG reports.

Kless, a 49-year-old resident of Tamarac, was charged with making threatening communications after leaving threatening voicemails for Booker, a New Jersey senator, Swalwell, who represents California, and Tlaib, who was elected last year in Michigan.

“You’re gonna die,” Kless wrote, according to federal investigators. Kless repeatedly used racial and homophobic slurs in his messages and appeared to repeatedly refer to Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar, a Muslim congresswoman who has been attacked by President Trump.

US Capitol Police said Kless also made harassing calls to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in February “concerning Congress taking away his guns, abortion, illegal immigration and Muslims in Congress.”

Voter records show that Kless is registered to vote as an independent.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. John Kless Threatened Eric Swalwell Over Gun Control Stance

Kless left a voicemail on Swalwell’s office phone Tuesday, using homophobic and racial slurs to attack Swalwell’s position on gun control. Swalwell recently came out in favor of confiscating assault weapons.

“F— you, Eric c—sucker,” Kless said, according to a transcript published by WPLG. “Y’all mother—ers don’t give a f— about 9/11 or all the illegals coming in or all the n—ers on f–ing welfare, but all you f—ing care about is taking guns. B—-, you’re gonna f—ing pay for that s—, n—er. You’re gonna die.”

“You’ll be your death bed motherf—er, along with all the rest of you Democrats. So if you want death, keep that s— up, mother—er,” he continued. “Eat s—, Democrat s—. Communist f— bag.”

2. Kless Sent Anti-Muslim Threats to Rashida Tlaib

Kless also left a racist voicemail on the machine of Tlaib, apparently referring to another Muslim Congresswoman. Kless appeared to be referring to Rep. Ilhan Omar’s comments about 9/11.

“Hey Taliban. You got f—ing nerve, bitch. Tell your Taliban friend to shut the f— up about 9/11,” he ranted, according to the transcript. “This ain’t (President Donald) Trump’s fault, b—-. It’s all your people’s fault. You’re the mother—ers who drove the planes into the buildings, b—-.”

“‘Cuz the day when the bell tolls, whore, and this country comes to a war, there will be no more threats. Your life will be on the f—ing line. All of you,” he continued.

“You’re an abomination, just like faggots, mother—er,” he said. “F— off. I wish all of you the worst. You can go f— off in life. F— you and f— Mohammed, too.”

3. Kless Sent Anti-Black, Islamophobic Threat to Cory Booker

Kless’ threat to Booker also appeared to be in reference to his defense of Omar after she was maligned by Trump.

“You’re a f—ing disgrace. We need to kill all you motherf—ers, man, every f—ing one of you, man,” Kless said in the voicemail, according to the transcript. “You dumb f—ing n—er. Shut the f— up. Shut up about 9/11 and shut the (unintelligible) and tell that mother—ing towel head to shut the f— up.”

“We’re going to have a war in this country mother—ers,” he ranted. “You’re going to be the mother—ers that pay. Don’t you worry, you government officials will be in the graves where you f—ing belong. And all you black mother—ers want to join these f—ing Muslims, go right ahead.”

“Tell your f—ing colleague with the towel on her head to shut the f— up about 9/11, you f—ing monkey,” he said.

4. Capitol Police Say Kless Previously Harassed Nancy Pelosi & Defended Trump

US Capitol Police said that Kless also made two harassing phone calls to the office of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in February.

Capitol Police said that the calls were about President Trump and were “concerning Congress taking away his guns, abortion, illegal immigration and Muslims in Congress.”

His voter record says that he is registered as an independent.

5. Kless is Charged With Making Threatening Communications

Kless was charged by federal prosecutors with making threatening communications.

He appeared before a federal judge on Friday.

He faces up to five years in prison, the Miami New Times reported.

Swalwell thanked law enforcement after they arrested Kless.

“Thank you to the @CapitolPolice and Florida law enforcement for protecting my staff and constituents,” he wrote on Twitter.

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