How Many Attended Trump’s Pennsylvania Rally vs Biden’s? [CROWD PHOTOS]

Trump Rally Size vs Biden Rally Size

Getty Trump Rally Size vs Biden Rally Size

How many people attended President Donald Trump’s rally in Pennsylvania today compared to Joe Biden’s kickoff rally in Pennsylvania on Saturday? The current President and a Democratic presidential contender faced off in rallies in the same state just days apart. This story will first look at the crowd size of Trump’s rally, then Biden’s, and then compare them.

Thousands Attended Trump’s Rally, More than the Population of the City

Twitter/President Donald Trump

Trump held a rally in Montoursville, Pennsylvania on Monday, May 20, just two days after Biden’s rally in Philadelphia. Trump’s rally was held at the Energy Aviation Hangar in Montoursville, PA.


A large crowd was waiting to greet him, even though Montoursville only has a population of about 4,777. So more people were likely at Trump’s rally than the population of the city. The size of the crowd was immense. Official estimates haven’t been released yet, but this story will be updated once they are available.

It was an immense crowd. This is the overflow crowd:

True to form, people lined up early to get a place at the rally.

The rally was not without its drama. A number of people needed medical attention because of heat exhaustion and dehydration.

Trump had to stop his speech three times to call for a doctor, and Trump Jr. had to stop his speech twice to ask for medics to help people in the crowd.

During his speech, Trump saw a man in the crowd dressed in a suit that looked like a brick wall, so he invited him onto the stage, NBC News reported. The man was carrying a sign that said: “Build Me.”

Trump told the crowd that Biden had deserted them. “I guess he was born here, but he left you folks. He left you for another state. Remember that, please,” he said.

Biden’s Philadelphia Rally Had about 6,000 People Attending on Saturday

GettyJoe Biden Rally

According to the Biden campaign’s security team at Joe, about 6,000 people attended his rally in Philadelphia on May 18, AP reported. Some people opposed to Biden claimed that only a “few hundred people” showed up, but this was not accurate.

Some did question the numbers that ended up attending. A freelance photojournalist estimated the crowd size as 2,000. However, he contacted Heavy and wanted to emphasize that this estimate was made before Biden took the stage and he was running late for the rally, so more people showed up later after this tweet was made.

The official estimate from his campaign is 6,000. Biden’s rally in Philadelphia was held at Eakins Oval on 2451 Benjamin Franklin Parkway in Philadelphia. One person pointed out that about half of the paved area was filled.

Apparently the campaign did not need overflow space as anticipated, according to some who attended.

But still, the crowd did look impressive in photos shared by media.

Anthony Zurcher from the BBC said the crowd wasn’t Bernie or Kamala sized but “it’s filled out in front of the cameras, which is what counts.”

An independent crowd size estimate from the Philadelphia police has not bee released.

During his speech, Biden said he wanted to restore American unity, although he was also critical of Trump. “Let’s stop fighting and let’s start fixing,” he said at one point. “…Our president is the divider in chief.”

He said the first step in his plan was to defeat Trump. He also vowed not to speak ill of another Democrat, Philadelphia Voice shared. During his rally, one person who was loudly whistling got attention, and a heckler shouted questions at him before security escorted the heckler away.

Thousands of People Attended Both Trump’s and Biden’s Rallies, but Photos Indicate Trump’s Rally Had More Attendees

In conclusion, it appears that Trump’s rally had more attendees in Pennsylvania than Biden’s rally two days earlier, especially considering that his rally had a packed overflow space while Biden’s rally did not need overflow space according to people who were there. Some people at Trump’s rally guessed 15,000 were there, but that’s an unofficial guess. Official crowd estimates of Trump’s rally have not yet been released, so we’re waiting on those numbers.

Here’s a look once again at Biden’s crowd:

GettyJoe Biden Rally

And a look at Trump’s crowd:

Twitter/President Donald Trump

We will update this story when more information is available.

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