Watch: Man Lights & Smokes a Cigarette on Spirit Airline Flight to Minneapolis [VIDEO]

The video has been re-posted and shared countless times, but the original is from Facebook user Donicia Bee.

On a flight to Minneapolis on May 21, Bee recorded a man fire up a cigarette and begin smoking it. Puffing away, and appear to be a bit disheveled, he’s apparently appears oblivious as some around him staring in disbelief.

The incident occurred mid-flight.

A passenger across the aisle rings for a flight attendant and then motions them to the passenger. Meanwhile, the guy appears to be nodding off with the lit cigarette in his hand.

The flight attendant appears and firmly taps him on the shoulder. The startled-awake cigarette-smoking passenger says, “Oh my God.”

The attendant announces, “You cannot smoke on an airplane. That is against the law. You know that, right,” and then asks for his boarding pass.

Bee said in response to questions on the Facebook comment thread that the man “was on more than a drink.”

Bee noted that the man, who was by then wearing a jacket and cap and holding a plastic bag with belongings, was taken off the flight by police.

A few Twitter users stared calling out passengers as snitches.

“Snitching > the plane going up in flames cause a crackhead wanna light a cigarette mid flight and fall asleep …” Her response and a hundred likes.

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