Alex Kack, ‘Green Shirt Guy’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Green shirt guy

‘Green Shirt Guy’ is the man who was recorded laughing Trump-supporting protester Jennifer Harrison right out of a Tucson City Council meeting. ‘Green Shirt Guy’ is Alex Kack.

That the meeting was interrupted by a protester is not unusual, but the guy sitting in front of her wearing a green shirt has become internet-famous.

Harrison was a member of the far-right extremist group Patriot Movement AZ, where some leaders created their own factions, like Harrison creating AZ Patriots. She has her own video of the incident on the AZ Patriots Facebook page, which you can see below.

In a post from a reporter who recorded Harrison wearing a MAGA hat during the meeting, the focus is instead on laughing man seated in front of her. Hysterical, he cracks up as she delivers her remarks and keeps chortling for almost a minute. Now, Twitter has hailed him a hero. He is #GreenShirtGuy and is a symbol of how to respond, some say, to “racists” and “fascists” among other ists.

Here’s the video and what you need to know:

1. A Video Clip from a Tuscon City Council Meeting Has Gone Viral Because of a Laughing Guy in a Green Shirt, AKA Alex Kack

The Tuscon City Council meeting of Tuesday night was held to approve a sanctuary city initiative on the November ballot. In 2012, Tucson declared itself “immigrant-welcoming,” but this initiative would make it official meaning there would be official enforcement. As was reported, “the city was legally required to put the measure on the ballot because the group proposing the initiative collected enough signatures…”

As people are leaving, the protester rose. She is reported to be Jennifer Harrison along with Jeremy Bronaugh of Patriot Movement AZ. She has been barred from the Arizona State House.

And Kack began laughing. And he did not stop. Police came to escort the MAGA protestors out.

2. Kack, Who Writes the ‘Bull Moose Review’ Blog, is a Comedian

“Guys look I’m famous.”

“This is unreal, you guys are wild.”

Kack, whose Twitter profile reads, “just another nobody,” is somebody. A writer, he has a media blog called the Bull Moose Review, which “provides new ideas and progressive commentary on today’s issues.” A recent post headline is, ‘Bow Down to the Mad King.’

But he’s also Alex Kack the Tuscon stand-up comedian.

On his Facebook, in post sharing a news story titled, ‘Trump Supporters laughed out of council meeting on sanctuary cities,’ a commenter wrote: “YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!!! You are my hero!!!!! I teach immigrant students. As we are getting ready to start school again, I know there will be lots of questions about what will be happening to them and their families. When they feel sad and scared, I am playing this video clip!!!”

Kack’s reply: “…this honestly means so much to hear.”

3. Irony & Viral Video Aside, Kack Says the ‘Citizen-Led Sanctuary Initiative’ is ‘Under Attack’ & Encourages People to Support the Movement

Kack wrote that while the video going viral is fun, he reminds people that the reason for the city council meeting was to discuss a proposal brought forward by Tucson Families Free & Together which wrote a “comprehensive proposal written and led by migrants and human rights advocates who call Tucson home.”

“In all seriousness,” Kack tweeted, “they were there to protest Tucson’s citizen lead Sanctuary Initiative which is under attack by the local GOP, you can help …”

According to its website, the group’s plan addresses “two of Tucson’s most pressing social issues: Immigration and Criminal Justice. The term Sanctuary doesn’t have any specific meaning in federal or state law, so what exactly would it mean for us in Tucson?”

Kack asks people to consider donating.

4. Jennifer Harrison is a Member of Extremist Right Wing Group, AZ Patriots, Previously the Patriots Movement AZ & is Being Sued by the SPLJ & Arizona Churches

Jeremy Bronaugh and Jennifer Harrison at the AZ LegislatureUnedited footage of a Facebook live video showing former members of the right-wing extremist group Patriot Movement AZ entering into a closed door meeting with Rep. Kelli Butler, D-Paradise Valley, that led to them being barred from entering the Arizona House of Representatives.2019-02-28T17:20:10.000Z

In a YouTube video from last winter, described as “unedited footage of a Facebook live video showing former members of the right-wing extremist group Patriot Movement AZ entering into a closed-door meeting with Rep. Kelli Butler, D-Paradise Valley, that led to them being barred from entering the Arizona House of Representatives.”

According to Arizona Public Media, a lawsuit was filed against the PMAZ alleging “they threaten and harass people who help migrants dropped off at churches by federal authorities.”

“A coalition of churches wants a federal judge to order the groups to stay off their property and keep a distance,” it was reported. That coalition includes the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The SPLC wrote last winter that the “PMAZ has been increasingly active in Arizona and Southern California during the past 18 months. Based in the Phoenix suburb of Litchfield Park, the group has organized multiple rallies, protests and street actions against immigrant and other minority causes.”

In this video from the AZ Patriots Facebook page, where she now says she’s a journalist, at around 20 minutes in, the portion of Tuscon City Council meeting where she is screaming, and being booed and mocked by some, can be seen. With Green Shirt Guy laughing in the background.

5. #GreenShirtGuy is Described as ‘Not the Hero We Deserve, Bu the Hero We Need’

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